4 Things to Remember while buying your dining table

Buying the perfect dining table

4 Things to Remember while buying your dining table 

It’s time to table the discussion on dining tables! This is the one piece of furniture that truly multi-tasks. Home office, children’s study, game night host and extended family gatherings all have the dining table as centre stage. The importance of the dining table in a house is relative – if you’re the kind that has a large family, or have tons of guests over all the time, a larger table is definitely the one for you. A smaller table works well for newlyweds (for all those intimate dinners you’ll be making each other), and if you’re not one for frequent house parties. Regardless of the size of table, here’s how to know you’ve picked the perfect one for you!

Easy to assemble, Easier to move 4 seater dining table from HomeTown, Pepperfry, Rs 25,332

Abbot Expandable - Tomo 4 Seater Dining table Set from Pepper Fry


Abbot Expandable - Tomo 4 Seater Dining table Set from Pepper Fry Easy to assemble, Easier to move 4 seater dining table from HomeTown, Pepperfry, Rs 25,332

How often do you move houses?

Moving frequently with heavy furniture is a pain, we agree. If you plan or have to move frequently, choose one of the lighter wood furniture pieces. Most online retailers, as well as offline ones in Bangalore, have dining sets made of sheesham and mango wood. An added benefit – these come delivered in parts, and you can have them assembled, and dismantled as you like! Bangalore also has many options of buying furniture offline as well – some pieces from Royal Oak, Studio Ebony, and numerous other places might work well for you.

On the other hand, if you’re settled in and need a dining table that serves not only as a sturdy anchor for your household décor, but for all your social dos as well, these two pieces from Studio Ebony and Mirador Life in Bangalore, seem just right!

Studio Ebony Single Piece Dining Table in Bangalore Courtesy Studio Ebony (Facebook), Bangalore

Natural rainforest wood 6 seater dining table from Mirador Life, Bangalore Courtesy, Mirador Life, Bangalore

Sheesham Olida Dining Table from Pepperfry Comfortingly sturdy, refreshingly trendy – Olida Dining Table, Pepperfry, Rs 24,999

Measure the room

Ideally, the table should mimic the proportions of the room. A square table works best for a similar room, or for smaller rooms. One could also try round tables for smaller dining spaces. A good trick is to use a bedsheet. Fold it into the shape of the table you ideally want; this will give you a good idea of how much space you’ll need.

What do the numbers say?

Leave at least 24” of space between your table and the wall for easy movement. Make that 48” if people will walk past the back of the table. A 36” – 48” table is just the right width – keep in mind the tables get wider as they get longer. Leave 24” of space between guests so they don’t knock elbows while eating (especially true when seating right-handers and left-handers together)! A standard table is about 30” tall – enough so your elbows rest comfortably when seated. The seat of the chair and the tabletop should be roughly 12” apart. More, and it feels like a kid seated at an adult table – too little, and slipping in and out becomes a bit of a squeeze.

Given the rapidly shrinking apartment spaces in Bangalore, measuring up before you settle on a piece and pay, becomes even more important, especially if you’re the kind that will use your table a lot. Make it count!

Abbot Expandable - Tomo 4 Seater Dining table Set from Urban Ladder Compact and perfect for most apartments – 4 Seater Dining Table, Urban Ladder, Rs 31,999

More than just for dining?

Does your dining table become the nucleus of all discussions, big and small? If so, remember to pick a table with a finish that is durable and won’t easily show stains and scratches. Be wary of tabletops with thick veneers – over time, these just lift right off since most of them are glued on. These feel a little like plastic to the touch and the seams are visible where they join to the table. Alternately, once you’ve bought a table, you could prime your tabletop with a special finish that extends it durability. You could try this furniture polish from Amazon, at Rs 295. Remember to follow the care guidelines though!

Treating the surface of your dining table will save you both time and money in the long run.

Force1 Furniture Polish in Bangalore, from Amazon.in This polish works well to keep your furniture looking good as new. Don’t use it on laminates and melamines! Available on Amazon.in, Rs 295 only.


Lastly, and most importantly, feel every table. Sit down at the tables you like – and experience it. Most people walk away with a slick sales pitch, and lasting feelings of regret. We’d advise you to feel it. Happy hunting!



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