5 Foolproof Ideas For Coffee Table Styling

Coffee Table Styling Home décor India

5 Foolproof Ideas For Coffee Table Styling

Traditionally, homes across Bangalore had a ubiquitous sanmica coffee table, and ever so often, gorgeous vintage pieces that you secretly coveted. Given the plethora of options available now, the question, “What do I put on it!” Left to itself, the remote controls will soon take over, and car keys, the old magazine from 2013 etc will follow suit. It’s time to give the coffee table to makeover it deserves! There’s no denying the power of books, flowers and trays. But let’s not discount other décor that adds just as much, or maybe even more, flair to your coffee tables!

See the Light
Candlelight that is! Gorgeous candlesticks and tapers add eye-catching glamour. Place them over silver or antique trays, and the gazes of envy shall follow right down to what’s left of the coffee table to behold.

 Coffee Table styled with candles courtesy lindaberner.com

Mason Jar Jaali Hanging Lamp Pepperfry This cutwork jaali mason jar caught our eye! On pepperfry.com, Rs 2,529 (currently discounted)

Small Love Mason Jar Decoration Pepperfry Title: This Love Mason Jar is all we need for our coffee table, really! On On pepperfry.com, Rs 1,799 (currently discounted)

Hit the Bar

Show off your pretty barware and those cutglass decanters and holders on your coffee table. If you’re not sure where to get these, places like Commercial Street in Bangalore, which have stores that sell only glassware, might have something you like. If you’re keeping these in a tray, be sure to match tray that holds the glasses and bottles in place, to the colours of the coffee table. It’s all about complements. The compliments will follow!

Cutglass decanter and tray on coffee table fashionablehostess.com


courtesy mebelkart.com

Sculpt a Stylish Look
Add height and drama to your table with a sculpture that you prefer. Go traditional with Indian folk sculptures or invite luck into your life with delicate lucky charms like the laughing Buddha.

Rocca Pouf from Pepperfry for Living Rooms Title: This Buddha figurine in a soothiLaughing Buddha coffee table console decorng teal would make a great anchor for a coffee table! On Fabfurnish.com, Rs 2,099







succulent coffee table styling plants courtesy Besa GM

Bring the outdoors in!
If you’re not sure what you can do with that expanse of coffee table space, try a garden variety solution! Succulents are the perfect idea for bringing in a bit of green, as well as interest, to your table top. You can do them as terrariums, or kept in bell jars or even old, recycled jars from the kitchen! There are many nurseries in Bangalore that will make a terrarium customized to your brief, and your lifestyle!

Also read our guide on Plants to buy for Home Decoration.

pouf coffee table solution with trays courtesy pinterest.com

Take a seat, on the table!
What if your coffee table did more than just hold a few curios and get resignedly stained as everyone resolutely refused to use the coasters you gave them? Using a pouf as a coffee table might be the best one yet – the perfect coffee table to actually put your feet up on, and one that easily doubles up as a table top too!

Rocca Pouf from Pepperfry for Living Rooms Here’s one that might fit your bill! The Rocca Pouf from Pepperfry.com, Rs 6499

So what’re you waiting for? It’s time to turn your coffee table into a conversation starter.



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