5 Pegboard Ideas for Your Home

Pegboard tile options in various colours They start out looking like this!

5 Pegboard Ideas for Your Home

With space rapidy becoming an issue in Bangalore, more innovative storage and display solutions are always welcome! When we came across these wonderful examples of DIY storage and display, we couldn’t resist sharing. These are so easy to do in most cases, and can be wonderfully adapted to most homes. Bangalore homes, has work spaces, and storage spaces too. But there isn’t a builder yet who has solved the space needs of the average Bangalore housewife. And since that will also never happen, let’s just roll up our sleeves and solve our own problems! Here’s how!

Pegboards are a quick way to encourage organization and increase the available work space. By utilizing vertical space, valuable floor space is also freed. These boards are pre-punched on a 1″ x 1″ grid, and can be moved and reconfigured according to need and function. Here’s how we could possibly use them!

Here are some innovative ideas for you to use with your pegboards:

Jewelry holders

Pretty Pegboard with Hanging Jewellery Pretty Pegboard for Jewellery

We all own more jewelry than we need, or remember! And rather than spend precious minutes trying to sort through tangled jewelry, use pegboards and bid farewell to tangles, dents and messy piles. You could have this displayed or put up on the inside of your wardrobe, or even in the bathroom.

Utility area storage solved!

Pegboards with Hanging Tools in a Tool Shed Pegboards in a tool shed

Arrange hammers, screwdrivers and other with the help of a pegboard and make room for other things in your utility areas. Install a rack, as in the picture here, and you can even store cleaner liquids, wipes and everything else that can’t be hung!

Pegboards with Hanging Cookie Cutters inside a Cabinet Neatly Organized Cookie Cutters Inside a Cabinet

Maximising Kitchen Storage Space

When there’s not enough space for other things in your cupboard, place a pegboard on the inside of the cabinet door. Voila! You’ve just doubled storage (well, somewhat anyway) in the same square feet of space!

Pegboard in a Children’s Room Tiny Work Space for Kids with Supplies Arranged Neatly on a Pegboard

Kids’ Room Storage solutions

You can use a pegboard to create a nice little work space for your kids’ bedroom. This will help them organize their books, papers, assignments, stationery, etc. At the same time, it saves a lot of space for other things in their room.





Pegboard with Coats and Bags Hanging on it Pegboard as a Foyer Display Solution

Foyer Storage Solutions

Create a fun DIY coat rack for hanging coats, keys, ID Badges and leaving notes etc at the entrance to the house. This is quick, easy, convenient and looks great to boot!



  1. Where do you get pegboards in Bangalore/India?
    We’ve been searching em for our bike shop service centres and have just not found them!

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Rohan,

      Apologies for the delayed reply to your query.
      We’ve been looking for peg boards ourselves in Bangalore. The closest options we’ve found are in Chikpet (honestly, that was lucky). Online, here are a couple you could try:

      1. amzn.to/1lrSwEM
      2. amzn.to/1NkrnKo

      These are both Rs 12,000 + delivery. Too expensive for a quick home DIY project, but may work for an establishment like yours?

      Alternately, You could try this: amzn.to/1PqXaA7
      This is just above Rs 1000 + delivery, and is actually a kids’ project kit, but at 8×8″ panels (set of 6) might work just as well for your needs.

      Let us know how it comes along.
      Hoping everyone at your Chennai office is safe and dry!

      The HomeCanvas Team

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