5 Things to Remember Before Buying Your Sofa Set

yellow mustard two seater sofa from pepperfry.com yellow mustard sofa two seater from pepperfry.com


If you are single or currently mingling or in a relationship or already hitched, there’s a good chance that you might spend a lot time cosied up on possibly the most used piece of furniture in the house – the ever so humble sofa set. There are many places in Bangalore, where you can get unique sofa sets, or you can also buy them online, of course. Regardless of where you buy from, think of the size, the colour, the fabric, the colour of the room you are going put it in before buying the couch. Keep in mind also, your other furniture the sofa will interact with. Your sofa may be dwarfed by your enormous and much loved coffee table. Or perhaps, it may even be comfy, but still look like a country cousin to your other ornate heirloom pieces. That said, here’s what else we realized you need to remember before buying a sofa set, especially online!

5 Things to Remember Before Buying Your Sofa Set


Plan for size: You may need a big, medium or small sofa set. But the dimensions make all the difference. Look for dimensions online, and arm yourself with a measuring tape before you venture out to showrooms. Try using masking tape on the floor of your room to estimate how much floor space you have for your sofa set. This is a good starting point. Remember to measure your sofas for length, breadth, height and diagonal height! What’s this last thing, you ask?

How to measure your sofa set A) Length of sofa, B) Diagonal Height of sofa, courtesy: cccfurnishings.com

A funny, yet insightful story – A ‘friend I know’ had a beautifully luxurious sofa in her first house, only to realize when she moved into her new home, that she couldn’t fit it through her front door! It would’ve made for perfect foyer seating, if only it didn’t cost so much! We laughed about it later, but the movers gave up and left it to us to figure out. It was a nightmare! Long story short, measure the height and width of the doors your sofa needs to fit through! The diagonal height of the sofa should be lesser than the width of the doorway. Most houses in Bangalore, the newer ones in particular, have narrower main doors. Then, there’s the bedroom door, typically a shade narrower than the main entrance.


Check the framework: If the framework of the sofa is solid and sturdy, it means your sofa will last long. Frames made of pine are cost-effective but may begin to wobble in a few years. Heavier woods like teak or rosewood are ideal but pricey. Avoid frames made of particleboard, plastic, or metal as they crack easily. Wrought iron sofa sets are an option, but they are bulky to move around, especially if you move often. Most sofa sets online are made of sheesham or mango, like these beauties below. Also, check that the legs of the sofa are attached to the frame by screws and pegs and not just glue. Don’t hesitate to take a peek under.

 Sofa set underside with screw leg attachment


Of course, this doesn’t apply to sofas that can be assembled at home. But it’s a handy measure to have, especially if you’re moving houses, even with your non assembled sofa sets.

Examine the foam: The most common, cost-effective and maintenance free foam is Polyurethane. Polyester is cheaper but on the flip side, it tends to flatten quickly. Polyfiber is even cheaper, but it can get bunched and lumpy. All things considered, HR (high-resistance) foam is probably your best bet. Ask about your sofa set, especially at the retailers across Bangalore, if you’re walking into a store – you’re paying for an investment that will last you years, and is supposed to keep you comfortable. Remember to look into this – it makes all the difference when it comes to a sofa you can just sink into!

http://bit.ly/1LpZ5jI Palmira Double Seater sofa from PepperFry

Inspect the spring: Sofas with springs are most sturdy and comfy. Sinuous (also called Serpentine) springs are cheaper but are really hard on the framework and often end up damaging it. Hand-tied springs are more expensive but don’t drop or damage the framework. Feel the spring through the upholstery. If they are tight and close together, they are good but if they feel poky through the fabric move to the next one. You don’t want your guests (or your family!) to be on pins and needles throughout, pun intended!

Check the fabric: Choose something that is as durable and cost-effective as it is stylish. If the price is your concern, then cotton or linen is ideal and easy to clean. Microfibers are stain resistant and feel like cotton. Leather sofas cost an arm and a leg, but look uber luxurious, with considered maintenance. Another fabric choice is polyester with natural blends, but these tend to snag and wear out overtime. Most sofa sets online will specify only ‘fabric’ in their descriptions, which, to be honest, is a little annoying, but be sure to ask. They all come with care guides, though. Be sure to ask, whether online or offline, of the kind of material and quality assurances you can expect.

Once you’re done sofa set hunting, sink into those plush cushions, put your feet up, and tell us what your experience was like! Happy shopping!

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