Bachelor Pad Style Statement Essentials

Bachelor Pad Style Home Décor

Bachelor Pad Style Statement Essentials

For a city like Bangalore, the options to let your hair down and party are plentiful! Nonetheless, once the curfew kicks in, you know the party continues back at home as well, quite often until the crack of dawn. And, for times of penury (aka the end of the month), when paying through your nose in taxes isn’t an option, but the party must continue, a home doubles up as ‘party central’. For these times, and more, these are the few essentials that every self-respecting bachelor pad cannot scrimp on! The ladies are watching!

StyleSpa TV unit in dark brown and honey on Pepperfry SyleSpa TV entertainment console, Rs 8, 238 (discounted price) on

Living Room Décor Essential: The Entertainment console!
The staples of most bachelor homes are their gaming systems, and a TV. Everything else is superfluous if these exist. And if you’re entertaining/ gaming, do it in style! Opt for an entertainment system that holds all your sins – DVDs, remotes, gaming consoles, the miles of wiring, DVD player (optional), DTH set top box, and anything else you may need. And it needs to do this in style. This console from Pepperfry seems up to the task. And in case you’re wondering about prices, may we gently remind you of the EMI option that most e-tailers provide! Grab this with both hands, now!

The Host with the Most – Sleepover Solutions!

As we all know, parties are only officially successes once someone is uncontrollably drunk, and more people have shown up to your shindig than you invited! At moments like these, ensuring people have places to sit, and later pass out, becomes of paramount importance. Given most singles live in rentals, and move frequently, lightweight multi tasking seating options work well.

StyleHomez Brown leatherette floor cushion, Leatherette cushions are better options than bean bags, since these can be spread out to form mattresses. Stack 3 or 4 up in a corner, or wherever else, for seating otherwise.

Leatherette floor cushions, on for Rs 1,119 (discounted price)



Auspicious single futon with mattress on Single futon with mattress, on for Rs 8,945 (discounted price)

A  futon is a lifesaver! Classy, comfortable and a bed when you need one, this is an investment, not an expense for most people. Consider the longevity of a futon, and the fact that you can use it for many years to come.

Bar Cabinets and more – Entertain in Style!

Now that your guests have been entertained, and seated, it is time to ply them with food and drink. The nucleus of any party invariably becomes the bar – make sure yours is well stocked, and can hold its liquor, and look good doing it! The ideal ones come with a secret hiding place, to hide the expensive stuff from the boozy friends! Bar cabinets, or bar units do tend to be a little expensive, but Bangalore has many options – you can even scout antique stores or furniture markets for used ones. For those that aren’t up to the effort, these choices work well for setting up your first bar, and will prove worthy for at least a couple of years to come, till you move on to bigger things.

Check out our full guide on Finding The Perfect Home Mini Bar For You.

This Bar Unit holds everything necessary and tucks away into itself to become extra seating! On, Rs 14,924 (discounted price)

This Bar Unit holds everything necessary and tucks away into itself to become extra seating! On, Rs 14,924 (discounted price)









Fab Home Derby Bar Trolley on
This Derby Bar Trolley holds all the essentials, and can be kept away, wheeled in only for parties. On, Rs 7,999 (discounted price)











Infuse your personality into your home!

So far, it’s all been about making sure your guests are well taken care of (and sure, you enjoy the benefits), but your home is your castle. And while you may not able to do much, letting your home reflect your personality is a surefire way of welcoming guests! There are many ways to do this, but as the quintessential bachelor pad, lets your walls reflect your taste – in music, movies and art! Nothing brightens up minimalist spaces, and bare walls, like poster art! There’s many great prints to choose from, across sitcoms, movies, music, pop culture, desi musings and more. Don’t hold back!

Gamambo Pixel Mogambo Poster
Mogambo, On, Rs. 279 (discounted price)











Darth Vader Hope Print Poster Flipkart
Darth Vader Hope Print, on, Rs 299 (discounted price)
We are all mad here flipkart photographic poster
We’re All Mad Here, on, Rs 129 (discounted price)










It doesn’t matter how many walls your home has, it’s the secrets they hold that matter. Nobody remembers the nights they fell asleep. Live it up! Viva Bachelorhood!



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