Bedroom decor guide

Sleep is the most important gift you can give yourself. And like most things in life, with sleep, quality rules over quantity. A few hours of awesome shut eye is beneficial to rejuvenate the body (this means great skin, rested limbs), the mind (sleep improves concentration so opt for a 20 minute snooze over that cup of coffee) and the soul (This is a topic best kept for another day).

So how do you create the perfect room and derive the benefit of a restful sleep? Here’s how you do it:

1. Color

Walls: stick to neutrals. Old whites, off white, light grey or beige are all good colors for walls

Bed linens & drapes: keep colors quiet, in plains or small patterns. This enhances the size of the room and is soothing.

If you love color and want your room to reflect that aspect of yourself, then get in the color through a single piece of furniture, like a colorful dresser or a jewelry display, a colorful throw, or accent chair


• Lighting: Always yellow. Make sure you have the option of global lighting and mood lighting when you need it. Night lamps, string lights are all good options for mood lighting


Check out our full guide to Bedroom Lighting Essentials for all the possible lighting options for your bedroom.

2. Work & TV
I could make this part short and just say “NO”. But if you need a reason to believe…here are two. Television is a proven mood killer. Just ask your significant other. Also, sleeping with your mobile phones or devices (plugged in or not) is potentially dangerous in the long run (electromagnetic waves and what not) and besides the blue / red light that devices emit can disturb the quality of sleep.

3. Furniture & décor essentials

To make your bedroom a haven from the pressures of life outside the main door, here’s a few things to keep in mind while decorating:

Scrimp on your bed if you have to, but never on your mattress and pillow. Get one that supports your spine and neck

Bedside tables – for books, lamps, alarm clocks, tea and…loveletters


Bedside rug to warm your feet on a cold morning

Airing rack or hooks


• Corner chair and a footstool



• Storage chest: For blankets & throws


Get all of these, or most, at any rate, and we guarantee you’ll sleep like a baby! Zzz away!



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