Buying the perfect mattress for your bed

Image Alt Text: Buying the perfect mattress for your king size or queen size bed

For king size, queen sized, or even single beds, browse our list of things to consider before buying your mattress

There’s nothing more comfortable than a warm, cozy bed after a long day’s work. From the time we head out on Bangalore’s potholed roads, to the uncomfortable office chairs, we’re already at breaking point before trudging back home on those roads. For the average Bangalore resident, this is a daily purgatory! No wonder we love our sleep! But if you’re waking up tired and achy every morning, something’s not right. Here’s a guide to help you purchase the perfect mattress for your bed. You’ll rethink its importance once you realize you spend a third of your lifetime on it!


Choose The Right Size.

 Most sleepers stretch and change positions while sleeping; choose your size wisely- a cramped quarter may hinder your sleep. Here’s a fun reckoner – what’s your usual nocturnal pose?

Given the manner in which you sleep, and who you’re sharing your sleeping quarters with (!), your mattress choice should take that all into consideration. To begin with, what size of mattress would you need? The list of usual sizes goes somewhat like this – King size: 76×80 inches; Queen: 60×80 inches; Full or Double: 53×75 inches and Twin: 38×75 inches.

Different types of sleeping positions on mattresses

Depending on how much space you, or your partner, need, make sure you choose a size that works for both. Also, keep in mind the guests you usually have and what their needs might be when deciding on a mattress, especially for the guests and kids bedrooms.


Choose The Right Firmness.

If a mattress is too firm, it won’t support the body evenly and may cause discomfort at the hips and shoulders. If it’s too soft, you’d sink into the surface and have a hard time moving. Choose a medium-firm mattress instead. Many orthopedists also suggest a medium-firm mattress as it helps maintain the natural curve of the spine while sleeping. The best way to know if one works for you sis to experience it, lie on it for ten or fifteen minutes – we know, it does feel a little silly, especially in a crowded store. But it’ll feel sillier when you spend all those thousands and still don’t get a good night’s sleep.

Correct sleeping posture on a mattress

Keep in mind that there are specific beds made for people who suffer from back aches and spine injuries. If you are looking for one such mattress, consult your therapist before purchasing.


Which Type of Mattress?

The two most common options for most of us seem to be between coir and foam mattresses. While coir mattresses were recommended for their firmness, over time this quality actually hinders rather than aids a good night’s rest. A memory foam mattress is a very good, albeit expensive, option to consider. Extremely soft, these mattresses mould to the posture of the sleeper and leave you “feeling fresh” in the mornings. There are also spring mattresses, air mattresses and even waterbeds to choose from. You could also try a Memory Foam pillow to begin with, recommended for those with off-kilter sleeping postures. We love the Mello Cocoon memory foam pillow from Urban Ladder.

White Willow Visco Memory Foam Pillow on If only the pillow could remember where the car keys are! Memory Foam pillow on, Rs 2,299 (currently discounted)

Remember, most mattresses should have fabric zippers that can be easily removed, dry cleaned and re-used. Most mattresses come with 10-year “full replacement” warranties, albeit with the fine print attached. Look out for these, though ideally, you should be changing your mattress after every 8 years or so. Try and buy, or at least test, a mattress in person, though online stores do offer free trials right at home, like Urban Ladder.

With this checklist, and mattress bought, the only thing left to do is – sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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