Buying The Perfect Painting For Your Home

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Buying The Perfect Painting For Your Home

Starting off your personal collection requires patience – and an ability to be not taken in by art jargon. Whether you are looking at an art piece for investment, or for mere decoration, you have to live with it on your walls – and the canvas needs to go with your décor, and your room’s colour palette.

More importantly art is personal, and the art piece you buy should be a work that you like, and can appreciate. Luckily, there are many galleries, both online and offline, in Bangalore especially, that are the perfect starting point for art aficionados. So, how does one go about finally selecting a piece? The key is to understand your home, and your personality. There are many options for wall décor today – from murals, wall paintings, traditional Tanjore and Madhubani art, contemporary art that is also a commentary on life, to graphic print comics and Comic Con art!


A painting on your wall is a topic of conversation, and also a reflection of your taste. Whether they are oil painting, acrylics, water colours or even murals, wall paintings add depth to any home. If you are in doubt, choose slightly more passive subjects for main living areas that complement rather than distract from the room. These options below are across a variety of styles, yet will fit every budget!

Oil and Acrylic Evening City Scape from Pick a soothing Evening Sunset in Oil and Acrylic for more formal areas – Rs 5,988 from





Bear on a Scooter Oil And Acrylic Wall Painting Showcase your sense of humour with this Ride Like The Wind oil on canvas – Rs 4790 from





The Cheese Shop Oil and Acrylic Painting from








An intimate, everyday scenario sets the tone for a family meal in the dining area, like The Fromagerie – Rs 5988 from


Your choices could also veer towards the ethnic. In a country like ours, an explosively rich art heritage has given us masterpieces like Tanjores, Madhubani, Warli art forms. An original painting is both rare and extremely expensive but well worth it from an investment perspective, as well as having you beaming with pride at being an Indian when you see these traditional forms of art! Keep an eye out for these from places like Natesan’s. However, for those of us who do want these forms of art, but aren’t willing to break the bank, prints are a great alternative for wall decor!

Rajarajeshwari Tanjore Print from A Traditional Tanjore Art Piece is rich in detail and intricacy, even a print! Price on request,



Warli Art Print from

Warli Art Print from






Flood Scene Madhubani Art Print from

Madhubani is an ancient Indian folk art that depicts scenes from mythology and tribal life like this flood scene. Rs 6,500 from


You can also choose to make a statement with your choice of art, or showcase your fun side with graphic art and pop prints. For the more private areas of the home, you could choose prints that speak directly to you as a person – sometimes, some things are best kept to oneself! Warhol prints etc. are easily available nowadays in myriad forms. But for truly unique pieces, choose prints that leave the viewer to interpret the piece. Which of these prints below work for you?

Watercolour waves painting from A soothing, contemplative piece like this one may work well for a bedroom. Rs 5,988 from





Digital Art Print from An impactful print like this one makes for a fun piece for the study or den. Price on request,

Jungle Book 2016 Poster Print Movie posters, new and old make for great wall art as well! Available on, and more







Buying paintings and art can be fun, and can also become a serious hobby and interest over time. Start by visiting the Chitra Santhe hosted annually by the Chitra Kala Parishad in Bangalore. Over time, you can also keep an eye out for art from auctions held at galleries like Saffron Art online, or galleries like Kynkyny, Mahua and more.


We didn’t think it existed, and when we came across, who actually run an Art Rental program that has become increasingly popular. The one thought that crossed our mind? Genius! This is absolutely the perfect way to learn about paintings, across media, in Bangalore. You can get in touch with them to learn more about the program.

You can own original art like this acrylic on canvas – Music in our Hearts by Ramesh Pachpande, Rs 50,000 on

Music in our Hearts by Ramesh Pachpande, You can own original art like this acrylic on canvas – Music in our Hearts by Ramesh Pachpande, Rs 50,000

Charging Horses by Ravi L Pujari, Or you can rent art! Or even buy prints to begin with, like this one of Charging Horses by Ravi L Pujari, an acrylic on canvas. Rs, 3,975 onwards

It is important to understand that most art is acquired for pleasure and not for appreciation of your portfolio.

So do not get carried away by the fame of an artist, if your bank balance cannot support his signature.

And finally, when you carry your work of art home, unwrap it, sit back, allow the light to fall on it – and enjoy it. It’s now as much yours as its creator’s.



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