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Wooden pallet coffee table with storage in living room

There’s a lot more function to a coffee table than being just a piece of furniture. Sitting in the center of the room, the coffee table acts as a canvas for an artful arrangement of personal memorabilia which helps set the mood of the room. That’s why interior decorators are so picky when it comes to choosing the right coffee table. There are, of course, the usual suspects in Bangalore and elsewhere, where one can buy the ubiquitous table. But for those willing to go the extra mile, places like Dhakshin Antiques and Maram (both are in Bangalore) have some fabulous tables. If you’re short on time, and/or inclination, there are online e-tailers galore. But when we set out on our quest to find the coffee table of our dreams (and budget), we realized we needed to ask ourselves some key questions.

Faun upholstered tufted coffee table, Gulmoharlane Coffee tables that look good, even with your feet on them! On, Rs 19,900 onwards

Why do you need it?
First, think about what’s missing in your room or what you need your coffee table to do. Some like to use it as a dining table substitute; some use it for extra storage space. For some (and, by this, we mostly mean the men in our lives!) the coffee table’s sole reason for existence is a place to prop their feet up while they watch the telly. And for others, it really ties the room together. So before you begin hunting, figure out what you want it for, and then choose the one that provides the solution.


Elmwood parquet coffee table with four stools on The square shape of this Elmwood coffee table works well for smaller homes too, and we love the extra seating that can be neatly tucked away too! On, Rs 29, 999 (currently discounted)

What is your room like?

Is it spacious? Cramped? Mark the dimensions of the coffee table with a piece of chalk in your room before buying, this way you will know how it will affect the aesthetics of the room beforehand.

How to measure a coffee table for your room How to measure a coffee table for your room

What size should you pick?

Before choosing, measure the height of your sofa or chairs that will sit around your coffee table. Pick a table that does not tower over the seat height of the furniture. An ideal height for a coffee table is usually 18 inches. Also, make sure the coffee table is around 2/3rds the size of the sofa or the longest part of the seating arrangement, otherwise it will look dwarfed.

Ikat Fiero Coffee Table from This beautifully restored coffee table with it’s surprising ikat print detailing works well when you want to marry subtlety with impact. On

What style?

There are several coffee tables that come in several shapes, colors and finishes. Let the objects and geometrics of the room decide which coffee table suits best. You may choose a table that either conforms to or contrasts with the decor of the room. Mix and match!

Our current object of desire?

The clean, minimalist yet uber stylish Will Coffee Table on

The dimensions are perfect for most homes, and all that space underneath allows for many storage arrangements (and now we’re thinking – perhaps a plant arrangement as well!)

Will coffee table in wood from


Lastly, could you help us? Why are coffee tables still called coffee tables – coffee is the last thing any of us has kept on them for ages!



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