Dining Room Storage Designs – Tips & Tricks

Floor to Ceiling Storage Design for Dining Rooms

Dining Room Storage Designs – Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re moving into a new home in a big city like Bangalore, recently married or resolutely single, chances are your moving vans contain a crate or three of fragile crockery, fine glassware – and your-go-to-every-morning coffee mug. Most homes also have a piece or two of treasured crystal, fine ceramics and a showpiece vase.

When you are choosing storage furniture for your dining room, ensure that you test your shortlist for not only size but also for practicality. So you can keep your this fragile collection safe, even while easily accessing them on an every day basis, or for when you are entertaining.


Sideboards are commonplace in most houses. A common sight in older homes across Bangalore is the glass showcase built into the wall – then all the rage, but sadly not so much now. These displayed with pride the family crockery and cutlery, and the compulsory ceramic figurines of horses, cows and the like! Nowadays, the showcase types used differ. For smaller apartments in Bangalore and other cities where space is a premium, a Tall Boy is a great idea! A Tall Boy is essentially a tall (duh!) storage solution that usually features double drawers. These were first used in bedrooms, but now is a popular storage option everywhere! For your dining room, this could be a tall showcase, kept in a corner. A glass-fronted cabinet, with clever lighting, can help pick out and accentuate your curated mementoes and statement pieces, like the one from Urban Ladder below.

Tall Boy Dining Room Storage Design Murano Single DoorDisplay Cabinet, Rs 18,999 on Urban Ladder


The second storage option for the dining room could be a lowboy. Yes, we know! A lowboy is more horizontal, and is great when you want your furniture to do double duty as a count Vintage Look Dining Room Storage Design from Fab Furnisher-top for all those weekend buffet brunches as well! Ensure that it has various shelves and sections so stacking your dinner services, and laying out your glasses is easy and practical. Of course, with both these options – an aesthetic match is necessary. That said we love the vintage easy vibe of the sideboard from Fab Furnish below! There is ample storage, and the warm wooden counter top is the perfect foil for a delicious dinner menu, to be replaced by a statement vase or floral arrangement once dinner is done.

Annelise Sideboard, Rs 37, 499 on Fabfurnish



For home owners, a custom storage design for your dining room is the ideal solution. Of course, this can set you back a pretty penny, depending on wFab Furnish Wall Storage for Dining Roomhat your needs are. For those that aren’t on a limitless budget, (us included!), a few storage hacks to make the storage work its hardest is a welcome solution to the “Where am I going to put this!” dilemma.

Try wall shelving for the dining room. A smart hack put to great use is to paint the wall shelving the same colour as the wall – perfectly camouflaged storage. This wall unit from Fab Furnish can be used as is, or custom painted to your tastes. And it can hold a fair bit too.



Utilize Ceiling Height for an Attractive Dining Room Display Option Utilize Ceiling Height for an Attractive Dining Room Display Option

Utilize ceiling height advantages for storage (and display) for crockery, cutlery and other things you don’t normally need. Cities like Bangalore still afford us not entirely stingy ceiling heights, usually eight foot, and if you’re lucky, more! For those that have the luxury of high ceilings, an open high display can serve to display your precious objet d’art while keeping them smartly out of the way of children’s reach. Simply add a door to shut away all the household secrets you’d rather not have discussed at the dinner table!

We love this last option – and honestly, we wish we’d thought of it first! Some contemporary dining tables today, also come with pullout drawers on their sides that are perfect for storing everyday cutlery and table linen. Convenient, close at hand and yet hidden away – what’s not to love!



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