DIY Seating Solutions for the Living Room – Poufs

Homemade DIY Seating for the living room and more– PoufsDIY Seating Solutions for the Living Room – Poufs 

Colourful, comfortable and huggable – it multi tasks as a foot rest, a pet bed, a floor cushion, a throw pillow, an extra seating, a book rest, and so much more.

It’s a pouf. And for adults, a great place to rest your feet as you luxuriously laze in your armchair, enjoying a lazy Bangalore weekend, especially now that the chill will set in (hopefully!). For kids, it’s so much almost like a friend. You jump on them. You roll on them. You throw them as extra big ammunition in a pillow fight. And you sit on them for those rare moments of quiet.

There are stores across Bangalore that have the designer version of poufs dreamed up by various interior and furniture designers. For the majority, poufs can be bought at stores near you. Most beanbags now have little poufs that can be bought alongside. These are great, but aren’t the best looking solutions. What’s even more fun is making a pouf yourself.

Poufs are especially brilliant for smaller homes, and can also be a great alternative for sofa sets, which are bulky and so difficult to move around. For bachelor pads, or young singles-about-town, poufs can be a great seating hack for the home!

Here’s an easy five step process you can use to make your own pouf. The instructions below are for a square one, but if you’re more advanced, you can try your own round pouf.

  1. fabric selection for DIY pouf

    Choose Your Fabric.Whether it’s new upholstery material you’re using, or an old sari you are resurrecting, choose fabric that will make your pouf a statement piece, and ensure it stands out in your family room.

  1. Steps to make a DIY pouf

    Measure twice and cut once.You will need two 24″x24″ squares and four 13″x24″ rectangles (leave an extra half inch for sewing on all sides).

  2. Sew 3 sides (and add zipper).To be safe and to make things durable, sew a double seam and decide where you want to add on a zipper so you can make this pouf washable.
  1. Repeat step 2 for your inner bag.Use rugged muslin, a canvas or other cheap, durable fabric. You can get these at almost any of the numerous fabric stores all over Bangalore. If in doubt, just head to Commercial Street! And sew your inner pouch to the same measurements as the outer pouch. But just before you finish sewing up the last seam, ensure you put in the filling. They are so versatile, you can literally fill them with anything you wish that is soft and lends you comfort. You can choose from thermocol beans to sponge, cotton or soft strips of waste cloth
  2. DIY homemade wouf or pouf

    Finish.Stuff that inner bag into your outer sleeve and zip it up. There you’re all done! Your kids now have a hand-made chair-cum-cushion-cum-nook.

And you have somewhere to rest your feet. After making your first pouf, you deserve it!




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