Easy Steps for a DIY Terrarium

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Along with being a great addition to your work desk or dining table, terrariums are very simple to make and even easier to maintain. This 6 step guide makes the DIY terrarium child’s play!

Step 1:


Pick an empty glass container of a size of your liking. You can buy jars from a thrift store, or recycle old ones. Remove any stickers or tags from the bowl and wash it properly. Tip: If you’re looking for something bigger, you can buy a fishbowl from a pet store.

Step 2:


Once the container is dry, fill the bottom with pebbles or rocks. This is an artificial drainage system so that the water settles and does not soak the roots. The layer of rocks should ideally be 1”-2” thick.


Step 3:

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Add some activated charcoal, just enough to cover the rocks. This will help keep your plant healthy by reducing bacteria, fungi and odours. This is easily available at most gardening stores.

Step 4:


Add a layer of soil thick enough to let the roots of your plant fit and grow. Tip: Some plants may require a special kind of soil. Make sure you use the correct soil for the plants you have in mind for the terrarium. Using succulents is a great idea, as their fleshy leaves come in vivid colours, and the plants themselves require minimal watering and hence, drainage.

Step 5:


Take your plant out of its original pot carefully and dust the excess soil off its roots. Now re-pot your plant in the terrarium and add some more soil around the sides. Repeat this with as many plants as you’d like to have. Tip: You can trim the roots if they are too long- they will grow back in time.

Step 6:


Finish with the landscaping. You can add accessories such as pebbles, glass beads, old toys, moss, or whatever suits your fancy.

And you’re done! Terrariums don’t need to be watered very often, but you can monitor your terrarium’s needs based on how dry the soil is. Also, make sure to place it somewhere with indirect sunlight, as direct sunlight can scorch the plants.

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