Easy Vastu Tips for Home Decoration

The fundamental principle behind Vastu Shastra is to create a structure that is harmonious and vibrates with ‘essential energy’, creating a balance between man’s internal and external environment, and between himself and nature. Vastu principles are based on symmetry, orientation of entryways, brahmasthan ( sacred centre) and the locations of rooms for different activities. Since most of us, especially in Bangalore and elsewhere, do not have the luxury of building our own homes to capitalize on Vastu principles, these easy tips can help us still achieve that ideal balance!


Bedrooms are meant to be peaceful, relaxing spaces – and lighter colours are advised for these rooms. Pink is the best choice for a bedroom (but we can foresee a lengthy conversation with the better half at this choice). Alternate colours can be a light blue, green or lavender. If you cannot change the colour, accents work well to invoke the same Vastu principles. Wallpaper and bed linen can be great option to experiment with for bedrooms.

Green bamboo print wallpaper Green Bamboo print wallpaper. On Pepperfry, Rs 3,543 (discounted price)

Blue ethnic print wallpaper with red sofa









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Living Rooms

For these spaces, lighter colours like blue, green, yellow, tan and beige work well. As spaces which welcome family and friends, these colours promote better relationships, and an active environment. This works on mothers-in-law as well! (Or so we would like to believe!)

Wooden coffee table in blue with lattice jaali design This wooden coffee table is just the fun element needed for a living space! On miradorlife.co

Cushion covers are the easiest, and cost effective way, to add colours to any living space. You can even experiment with prints like these.

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Dining Rooms

Orange is the colour of choice for dining rooms, as it is said to improve appetites and stimulate the metabolism. Other colours like pink, green and blue work as well. From a visual perspective though, a surfeit of orange may be too much for the eye to take in. An accent wall done in orange may serve as a strong focal point, however, or perhaps dining room accessories in the colour.

Turmeric orange wallpaper with floral print This jamdani inspired wallpaper by Sabyasachi is our pick for this Diwali! Available on nilaya.asianpaints.com








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According to Vastu principles, kitchens should ideally be white. While we would love such pristine surroundings, we cannot get past the mental image of what Bangalore’s pollution would spell for the walls and all the grime from the cooking fumes too! Thankfully, yellow, pink, blue and chocolate are also good colours for the space as well. A must have, though, is an infusion of red , to symbolise fire. And we’ve got just the thing!

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red glass bottle with stopper cover Wonderchef Bormioli Oxford glass bottle. On Fabfurnish, Rs 480







With these tips, now all that’s left to do is colour me happy! Let us know what you think of our easy Vastu tips for home decoration.



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