5 space saving hacks for tiny kitchens

courtesy: rilane.com

Courtesy: rilane.com

If the terms “pantry” and “modular kitchen” are alien to you, we’ve got you covered. Maximize storage space in your kitchen with these 5 space saving hacks!

1. Hang those chunky pots and pans

Courtesy: smallroomideas.com

Courtesy: smallroomideas.com

Cooking utensils like pots and pans are used on a daily basis. Keep them accessible by handing them on a rack. This not only saves a ton of space on your kitchen shelves, it saves you cooking time as well!
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2. Create more space by building shelves inside your shelves

Courtesy: diply.com

Courtesy: diply.com

Large shelves with single racks utilise excess space. Use it to your advantage by building more shelf racks inside, or simply purchase an ergonomic shelf here

3. Say hello to your versatile storage friend


Courtesy: Buzzfeed.com

Kitchen carts double up as storage spaces when you don’t have guests over. This cart serves as an additional counter, a bar for entertainment, temporary storage – just about anything.

4. Build your own pantry

Space saving built-in shelves

Courtesy: diply.com

If you don’t have a modular kitchen with a pantry, you could build one on your own by utilizing a bare wall in the kitchen, and welding wall shelves on it. Can’t find the perfect shelves? Here’s your pick!

5. Make space for large utensils

Shelves with storage space for large utensils

Courtesy : Buzzfeed.com

Adding shelves right underneath the ceiling makes for an aesthetic option to store large pots and other vessels you don’t use too often.

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