Home Decor on a budget

Waking up or coming back to the same room every day can sometimes get to you. Changing a few things around is the obvious solution. Chances are you’re already contemplating to do so but the cost that this incurs can amount to a lot. What if we told you that you could buy home decor elements for as low as Rs. 1000/- online. Cheaper than you thought, isn’t it? Here are some of our favourites.

Decorate your walls with nature themed decals. Even if you don’t have a great view this will bring that necessary openness that your room deserves. What’s more, decals are easy to put up and easy to remove. Choose one that suits your taste and transform the look of your room.

Use floor lamps to light up your room. Not only will it brighten your room, choosing a yellow bulb over a white could also make your look a little different. If you need extra light in a particular corner move this self-standing lamp to wherever its needed.

Sometimes a change beyond the looks of your room will be what you need. Use Buddhism themed electric diffusers to add a new dimension. One that is both refreshing and serene.

Give the walls of your room a 3D effect with cool and colourful shelves. Some of these shelves come in abstract styles and forms making them great wall accents on their own. You can even keep a few thing on it and use it as a shelf too.


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