Decor trends in 2016
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While 2015 was the year of home décor trends like electric hues, a juxtaposition of prints and material, and textured wallpaper, the year 2016 seems to be drawing a fresh interpretation of traditional décor. If you’re looking to redecorate your bedrooms, modular kitchens or just about any space, watch out for these five trends, which promise to take your home from so-last-season to the season’s décor destination.

Bringing in the outdoors  

Lucky bamboo plant in blue ceramic pot

Lucky bamboo plant with a blue ceramic pot

Decorating compact spaces with greenery, and opting for versatile furniture that can be used indoors and outdoors is an easy and cost-effective trend to adopt. Forget constantly purchasing expensive potpourri, or hoarding extra furniture. The outdoors are all about staying in, next season.

Minerals Go Natural 

polished and unpolished geodes

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Moving on from polished geodes, minerals are choosing to flaunt their natural avatar. Be prepared to see a lot of chunky quartz stones used as display pieces, and elements of unpolished semi-precious stones used in furniture.  Learn how to decorate with geodes here

Glam Geometrics

Subtle beige striped wallpaper

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Fluid geometry is all set to gain more attention in 2016. Textures like tiles, wood, cement, and even wallpaper, complement geometric patterns – whether it’s an accent wall, a simple countertop, or decorative accessories, the intricate trend is here to shine.

Sustainable Spaces

Bamboo floor lamp

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Interior designers are gravitating towards sustainable décor to play their part in protecting the environment. Do your bit by purchasing eco-friendly furniture made from bio-degradable foam, bamboo, recycled material, or upscaled lighting options, to name a few.

For the metal heads  

Silver brass vase

Brass, gold and metallic finishes are predicted to be the go-to decorative options, come 2016. However, be sure not to overpower your furniture with mix metallics and metals. This trend must only assist in complementing, and highlighting key furniture pieces.

Which trend do you like most? We’d love to hear from you!


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