How Lighting Affects Productivity at Home

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How Lighting Affects Productivity at Home

We’re rapidly going down the route of other cities, but for now, most homes in Bangalore do still have specific rooms for specific tasks – a laundry room, a den or study room, even a little nook or space for a home library. Choosing the right lighting will make these spaces come to life, and help you work to maximum efficiency!

Rooms with a purpose

The mood of a room depends on its function. For example, if you are lighting your living room, keep it well lit with a bright source of light shining from the center of the ceiling, (a grand chandelier might work) – it brings out the best of the room. For more functional rooms, like bathrooms, kitchens, and dens, used focused lighting to enable the task at hand. These options work well.

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Choose your lighting source wisely

The type of bulb you pick determines what the light will look like. There are several types of bulbs:

  • Incandescent: This is the most common bulb found throughout the world. It diffuses a warm, consistent source of light.
  • CFLs: They are very efficient and provide a warm source of light, besides being cost effective.
  • LEDs are the next step up, but are significantly more expensive at the outset, though the running costs are very very low. LED’s also don’t have the same level of yellow warmth that Incandescent’s and CFL’s have.
  • Edison bulbs also work well to illuminate areas. However, these are expensive and are best used as accent lights in rooms.

 Different types of Edison bulbs available in Bangalore Edison bulbs. Pic from

 Control the intensity of light

Brighten or dim the source of light to suit the function of the room. Dimmer switches are a wide idea in homes, particularly bedrooms, if you’re going to be working late while the spouse is trying to catch forty winks. A dimmer light allows lighting to be controlled so you can focus specific lighting on your task, and they can catch their zzzz. They are easy to install, most electricians across Bangalore can do these easily.

Dimmer switch lighting difference in kitchen Bangalore

Dimmer switches can adjust lighting for your various needs. Pic from



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