How to Buy A Productive Office Desk For your Home!


How to Buy A Productive Office Desk For your Home!

Let’s face it – with Bangalore’s increasing traffic woes, and the need to balance work and life, often times simultaneously, a Work From Home (WFH to those in the know) option seems feasible to a lot of people nowadays. In fact, it’d make life so much simpler if you can do a work meeting while instructing the household help! Not having to wake up at the crack of dawn because that’s the only time your help has available in her fixed morning schedule – life has its luxuries! For a city like Bangalore, with its large tech crowd, and startups that are high on individuality and productivity, a WFH option is actually a very big reality!

The flips side is the drop in productivity. The furniture we select for our home is primed for comfort, to slouch into the cushions with a good book – and not necessarily the best choices when it comes to getting some serious work done! And though it feels more like summer than winter, the Bangalore weather usually is made for a hot chai/ coffee, a good book and a light snuggle! And when we can focus on work, we make do with the dining table, or even our beds as stand-in office desks. But if you are looking to work from home seriously, or simply want to make your home a productive workplace as well, the right desk can make all the difference! Just being at a designated workstation, in our opinion, helps your outlook towards work and aids in meeting deadlines in a comfortable and productive manner.

Now that we know the home office table is the mecca for us WFH personalities, consider the following points.

Home Office L Shaped Desk with storage

How will you use it?

If it’s just computer work, go for a workstation specially designed for computer use. Be sure the desk offers a compartment for the CPU along with built-in wiring holes for cords and other wires, much like an office table might.


If you’re going to using it for a lot of paperwork, go for something akin to an office desk, that comes with a lot of cabinets or drawers that helps you organize your files, books, etc.

If it’s going to be a combination of both, choose an ‘L’ or a ‘U’ shaped desk, which lets you use a desktop or a laptop comfortably and at the same time leaves ample room for your files, books, etc.

Our choice: The Tuscany Study Table in walnut from Fabfurnish, Rs 73, 499

Tuscany walnut study table with drawers storage from fabfurnish

White color Office Desk

How long will you use it?

If you’re going to use your desk for a brief period of time to check you mail or to attend a conference call, you can probably make do with a console desk. Minimal storage, and perhaps something that doubles up as a children’s work table on off days as well. This kind of desk is easy to hide away. But if you’re going to use it for long hours – when you’re working from home, go for a more comfortable one, and one that fits all that official paraphernalia!

Our choice: Future Décor Max Invisitable cum Cabinet, Fabfurnish, Rs 36, 299

FutureDecor Max invisitable work study cum cabinet from fabfurnish









Work table corner fit space saving

Choose your style.

Choose a desk that not only flows with the aesthetics of the room, but also feels comfortable. The wrong desk can destroy the entire look of the room.





Our choice: Collins Corner Work Table, Urban Ladder, Rs 8,999 (and yes, it’s exactly like the reference! Don’t you just love when things work out!)

Collins corner work study table from Urban Ladder in dark wood finish

storage space work station table home ideas

Assess how much space you have.

Measure your space carefully and take into account the windows and balconies that will have to fit around your desk. Make sure your desk fits in perfectly without leaving too little room for you or for others to move around.

Some desks come with additional special cabinets that allow more space. These come in handy especially when you have a lot of things that you’d like to store out of sight.

Our choice: The Valindor Work Table,, Rs 21, 900

Nilkamal Valindor Wall Mounted Work Table from Fabfurnish








Now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s get cracking!



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