Indoor Garden Solutions for Apartment Living

Living Wall for foyer or balcony courtesy

Indoor Garden Solutions for Apartment Living

Living walls for the home balcony or outdoors courtesy

With home rentals going through the roof in Bangalore, and the price per square foot of real estate, now even in Bangalore’s far flung suburbs following suit, a private garden is without doubt an utter luxury. The most homeowners can afford is a beautiful outdoor balcony overflowing with plants and shrubs – till the household help complains about them poking at her while she tries to dry out the laundry. The result: a feeble attempt at a few potted plants and the ubiquitous “bamboo bonsai in glass bowl” solution. Yet, the soothing, aesthetic and purifying qualities of a home garden cannot be overlooked. An innovative approach to this indoor garden decoration dilemma is the ‘living wall.’

Bangalore is (or is this now, was?) blessed climate-wise, and many native and exotic plants thrive in this environment. Most garden plants, including Living Walls, can include a variety of perennials, seasonal and succulents. These Living walls, also called as green walls, are self-sufficient vertical gardens that are fastened to the exterior or the interior of a building, which bring the benefits of nature into homes and workplaces. Running from floor to ceiling in ideal cases, but mostly framed versions, these screens can be placed in balconies, freeing up precious floor space. Because of their vertical arrangement, these also make great options for corridors and other indoor spaces.

Living walls help in creating unique textures and colors that will never go out of fashion. Each wall can be specially designed, using several varieties of plants which can vary in color, growth and flowers that help in transforming a rather boring block of concrete into living pieces of art.

We did, however, have questions ourselves. So if the idea impresses you and you’re looking to have a living wall inside your property, we’ve answered our own, and then some more, questions for you:

Living wall with succulent plants courtesy

Will it damage the wall?

No. There is no contact between the wall and the frame which holds the plants. The base of the living wall is non-porous, so no water marks and seepage will occur that will stain or weaken the wall.

What kind of plants can be grown?

Climbers, outdoor creepers and crotons are easy to grow. You can also try a variety of succulents with great success – these plants require minimum watering, since they are water-retentive – perfect for people who are starting out, or those with challenged green thumbs.

Do they come in designs?

Yes, you can choose a wall option that works well for your home. In fact, your designs can, and should be, customized to your space.

How do I water it?

Each living wall comes either with a holding tank or a plug-in motor that helps water the plants. There are options that come without these as well, especially succulents. These do not need to be drained, but you would need to water them at specific intervals.

Our tip: Considering it requires some initial fabrication, installation and guidelines of care, we recommend you get in touch with a professional landscaper/ nursery to help you in the beginning. My Sunny Balcony, Natura IndiaSwamy Nursery and Book Your Plant are good places to start!

If you’ve always wanted a garden but you never had the space, these living walls are for you! It’s time to exercise that green thumb!



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