Lamps and Other Lighting Options for your home

Lamp Lighting Option with table lamps cutwork lamp in Bangalore courtesy

Lamps and Other Lighting Options for your home

Let there be light! We’ve always wanted to say that, and now that we have – may we share our joy at the numerous, and gorgeous lighting options we’ve come across. Bangalore may be stocking up on candles for the winter ahead, but these lamps and lighting options still get top marks! Here’s our shortlist based on practicality, and undeniable oomph!
Light allows you to control the ambience of the room. Therefore, you need to choose lighting and your lamps – based on function. The most common forms of lighting are – functional, accent, and ambient lighting.

Lighting up Living Room Décor
Here, most homes, at least the ones we’ve been to in Bangalore, use all three forms of lighting. It’s a high traffic area and functional lighting is a necessity. For entertainment, accent lighting works well, and for cosy evenings in front of the TV, when too much light is not good, but the furniture needs to be navigated around as well – accent lighting comes to the rescue. Mix and match your lamps and lights, according to your needs, and living room décor.

Arch Floor lamp Purple Turtle Bangalore Use light to create drama, and conversation, with this Arch floor lamp from The Purple Turtles, Bangalore




Clam shell Table Lamp from Purple Turtles Bangalore Ensure your lighting options match well. Use a low table light for additional accent lighting, if you’re pairing it with a floor lamp. Like this Clam Shell table lamp, from The Purple Turtles, Bangalore


Lighting options for Other Rooms

What do you use most rooms for? Dining rooms are rarely used for dining anymore, and beds now spend more time covered in books, laptops and crumbs than people! Consider what your rooms will be used for and choose lighting, and lamps, accordingly. We recommend at least one outlet for practical lighting in dining rooms and bedrooms as well. It is cost effective to buy the same lamp shade/ wall sconce option for most rooms. That done, you can play with accent lighting to your heart’s content, maybe with these options below!
Tip: If you can manage it, use a dimmer switch for your accent lighting, so you can adjust the brightness of the room to suit the mood you want to create.

Bedroom Lighting Options

Sylvan Studio Light Canal Hanging Light bedroom on Pepperfry A set of 3 lamps hung over your bed make for an eye catching arrangement, and a practical solution for when you want to read in bed. Adding dimmer switches allows you to turn work/ play according to your moods. On, Rs 6,499

Yashasvi Black Cotton Table Lamp from The more standard for bedrooms is the table lamp with lamp shades for Him and Her. Try these lowrise lamps from Rs 369 (steeply discounted!)

Check out our full guide on Bedroom Lighting Essentials!

Dining Room Options

Exposed Bulb Chandelier over dining table dining room courtesy

While most people tend to use overhead lighting in the living room, try using a chandelier or overhead lighting, with or without lamp shades, exposed Edison bulbs etc, in your dining room instead. A bright lamp source over the table lights up the table evenly, and makes even the most boring food look yummy! Imagine what it will make your delicious dishes look like. Bonus, this lighting idea is uber instagram friendly as well!
Tip: Warm white CFLs or yellow light work well for dining areas. Edison bulbs are also all the rage now, but consume more electricity than other options. They look fantastic though!

Chandelier Square Hanging Lamp from The Purple Turles Chandelier Square Hanging Lamp from The Purple Turtles

This square chandelier lamp oozes minimalist chic and will make any dining space look fabulous! For added glamour, use Edison bulbs – these give off a suffused, old-world glow that makes any room look divine.

Coop Gold Chandelier Bangalore from Coop Gold Chandelier from, Rs 39,427 (discounted price)

This Gold Chandelier is a more elegant option for the dining space. With 5 sconces, it will give off enough light and yet not be too bright and in-your-face. Bon appetit!






Other rooms like kitchens, bathrooms etc need focused work light that allows for things to happen easily and without error. Tip: To distinguish between ambience and functional lighting, especially for high productivity areas, you can use a mix of white and yellow light. While white light allows for a bright, work atmosphere, yellow light helps you relax and unwind. After a hard day’s work, there really is no place like home!



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