Loveseats Make The Perfect Sofa Set Alternative!

 comfy loveseat décor from Ikea courtesy

cosy loveseat two seater sofa set design courtesy

Loveseats Make The Perfect Sofa Set Alternative!

Most homes in Bangalore, and across India, don’t have loveseats – after all, it is a Western concept. Loveseats are essentially sofa designs crafted in the 19th century, primarily used to accommodate the large dresses worn by women of that era. Women have moved on from corsets and balloon skirts since then, thankfully, and the function of the loveseat has evolved too. Today, these sofa designs make for the perfect alternative to the sofa set, if you’re feeling adventurous. Or, as most showrooms across Bangalore stock, a cosier two seater sofa set that can also double up as a loveseat, with a few design differences. Nothing says “come hither” like a cozy loveseat. Pair that with the company of your better half, and you’ve got quite a winning combination!

We’ve selected five loveseat deigns that we love, and think work well across most home décor preferences. Take a peek!

When less is more!

Elmwood Tokyo sofa in honey and beige

Two-seater sofa, Rs. 19,199 from

Lazy afternoons are best spent on a seat designed to pamper. This low-seating sofa set design from Fabfurnish is just perfect for your “do-nothing day”. The little wooden ledges on the side will hold your cup of coffee and that book for when you need your alone time. Or, simply cosy up with your partner, and a bowl of popcorn – this private seating for two beats the Gold Class at any crowded multiplex when it comes to movie watching, in our opinion!

For love that lasts forever!

Premium velvet maroon sofa Two-seater sofa, Rs. 39,000 from

For those that are looking for lifestyle furniture that is functional, yet makes a (minimalist) statement, this two seater loveseat works well! A sink-into-the-cushions comfort, luxuriously comfortable fabric that is also happily low maintenance – we’d add a couple of cushions and a throw rug and be all set for the evening!


My Club sofa set design from Img Link: Two seater loveseat sofa, Two seater loveseat sofa,

A sofa set dream come true!

We couldn’t believe our eyes, honestly! This loveseat inspired design from is just perfect! Cosily fitting two, those oversized cushions play up the plushness of the sofa. And – here’s the clincher, and what will make him say yes in a jiffy! This comes with an inbuilt sound system with Bluetooth! The downside – say goodbye to getting any chores done!


Premium French Provincial Style Loveseat Two-seater sofa, Rs. 33,249 from

A Parisian Romance

Nobody does romance quite like the French, we must agree. Take a leaf from their book, and introduce some French lovin’ into your little corner of Bangalore. This Provencal inspired sofa set design says flair, fashion, romance and comfort – all at once. We’re sold! We’re pretty sure you and the better half will be too!

Upholstered Loveseat with Storage Two-seater sofa, Rs. 37,200 from

Be practical, honey!

We’ve grudgingly had to admit, on occasion, when his practical logic was better route to follow than our superior design aesthetic. This sofa set from Fabindia is a happy marriage of the two – practicality and style! Comfortable for a cosy twosome movie marathon, and space built into the sides to hold all the edibles and paraphernalia like remote controls etc. We’ll chalk this up as a win for us!

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