Maximising Storage – Shelving for the Home

Modular Shelf Wall Unit with Open and Closed storage options Bangalore

Maximising Storage – Shelving for the Home

Shelves bring order to a cluttered room. An inexpensive alternative to compartments or cupboards, shelves often work as wall mounts, which is a smart way of showing off your prized possessions while appearing organized. And since shelves stand individually, they can be easily moved around to tailor the specifics of your room.

Home Decoration – Customize your Shelves

The type of shelf you choose depends largely on the room you are planning to decorate. For living and dining areas, shelves have both aesthetic and functional – with an option for both and closed storage. For bedrooms, kitchens etc – longer, more functional shelving is ideal, and perhaps an accent shelf to hold all your curios. These are the three basic shelves to choose from:

Adjustable shelves

These are made of metal/ wood/ laminate tracks that are screwed vertically into the wall. Brackets snap into slots on the tracks, and shelves lie across them. These are most functional, and can be used to great effect in a kids bedroom, guest bedroom (where you can adjust height and space according to guest needs), and in kitchens (for those without modular kitchens).

Adjustable wall Shelf Storage option in study room home decoration

Bracket shelves

The simplest kind of shelf; supports, or brackets (often L-shaped), are screwed into the wall and the shelf lies across them. These could be glass, wood, and even stone, if it’s outdoors. The same principle is followed for most ‘accent’ shelves as well.

Love Wooden Wall Shelf from This homely Love Wall Shelf is a cute option for your bedroom, or even your foyer to hang keys, ID badges etc. On, Rs 1,999 (discounted price)






Fab Home Tirana Wooden Two shelf from A standard bracket shelf, this Tirana Wall shelf with its beveled edges makes for an elegant display solution. On, Rs 1,499


Antique brass wall shelf bracket Bangalore A more ornate option, this antique brash finish bracket adds glamour to open shelving. On, Rs 499






Floating shelves

These are attached to the wall by a bracket that is hidden by the shelf itself, and therefore seem to float. The principle of the floating shelf is especially useful for mounted wall units which consist of both open and closed storage options – think living room entertainment consoles.

Floating Wooden Shelf Living Room with open and closed storage courtesy

Floating shelves are perfect options for bedrooms and public spaces like foyers and living rooms. Their lack of brackets etc also makes them sleek design options. Try these ones, for instance.

Cubed Wall Love Shelves Black If yours is a more modern kind of love, this LOVE bookshelf is right up your alley! On, Rs 3,499 (discounted price)






Shaz Living Corner Wall Shelf Walnut These floating shelves are perfect for usually unused spaces like corners, and look so good doing it too! On, Rs 1,190 (discounted price)

DecorNation Set of 3 Wall Shelves Pepperfry Sleek, contemporary and efficiently functional, this set of floating wall shelves complement all décor types. On Pepperfry, Rs 2,299 (discounted price)






TIP: Most people often neglect the space around windows and doors. Actually, that’s the perfect place to have a shelf. Wasted wall space like the spaces around entryways and common passages can be transformed and made practical through the use of shelving. Take inspiration from these styles below!

Wooden shelves created using space around bedroom door courtesy

Archway wall shelves around door living room
















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