Maximising Storage Space in the Bathroom!


Maximising Storage Space in the Bathroom!

Bathrooms in the newer Bangalore homes now tend to fit either the person, or the utilities! In the happy situation you can fit yourself into yours as well, here’s a few things we’ve learnt, and hacks we’ve seen to help us maximise, and make oh-so-pretty, our little vanity rooms!

Mirror shower bathroom wall idea courtesy

First things first, create the illusion of space

For those that can, have you considered mirroring the entire wall of a bathroom. This may work wonders! Consider this: it reflects the nominal light most bathrooms now tend to get, and brightens up the space. It will also be cheaper option than Italian tiling. Maintenance is a breeze – a regular household cleaner, and old newspapers is all you need to keep it gleaming. On the flip side, you will see yourself in all your glory, bumps, bruises et al! Flip it over, and this is the spot for selfies!

For those that can’t, or won’t, maximise the mirror space over your basin area. A larger mirror works to create the illusion of space well.

Magnet strip with bobbins and hairpins storage DIY idea courtesy

Use stickers and magnets to create space

The back of the bathroom door, the bottom of the mirror, and the inside of your bathroom storage cabinets are wasted potential for storage. These magnetic strips are perfect for maximising that space, and work just fine for the inside of the cabinet. For more visible areas, a little beauty hack, like below, will make all the difference.

RednBrown Mason Jar in Pink Love from Pepperfry These metal mason jars will make the perfect hanging storage for the back of the bathroom door. Choose a strong magnetic strip that can hold its weight. On, Rs 1,143 (discounted price)

Magnetic strip set of 3 on

Title: This set of 3 magnetic strips will start you off. On, Rs 1,28

plastic cabinet door organizer DIY storage courtesy

Making your storage cabinets work harder

The insides of your storage cabinets can be maximised by using the doors as well. You can hang a plastic holder like this, or if you don’t need that much space, we found this cute holder from Pepperfry that will work anywhere in the bathroom, really.

My gift booth canvas cutlery holder from pepperfry storage solution

Canvas organizer from, Rs 449 (discounted price)

Storage space over bathroom commode courtesy

Utilise every inch of vertical height

There are certain staples that every bathroom has – the commode, shower heads, toilet roll holders, sinks and basins, even a bathtub. Utilize the space around these to maximum effect by creating storage cabinets, or even open shelving.

Hidden bathroom bathtub storage ideas Use the skirting around your bathtub for more storage. From



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