Mirror, mirror on the wall

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Styling with mirrors is a delightful way to add character and charm to your home. The right mirror not only helps lift the aesthetic of the overall decor, but also creates an illusion of space, and infuses the room with added light. The choice of mirrors depends on their function and where in the house you need them. And of course, the design must complement the home decoration ideas you have.

Foyer mirror with dresser and plants décor
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Mirror Ideas for the Foyer or Entrance

A mirror in the foyer is the perfect feng shui way to invite good chi or energy into the house. Make sure you place the mirror at an angle – if it is placed directly opposite the door, it’ll send the good chi right back out! A beautiful foyer can also set the tone for the rest of the home décor, and have your guests marveling from the start. We think these wall mirrors work perfectly for a foyer!

This vintage carved mirror is perfect for a classic decor style. Available on Pepperfry, Rs 2,415


Warli narrow wall mirror with ledge
For narrow foyers, this mirror with a handy ledge for keys etc is a good solution. Available on Pepperfry, Rs 1,311
Round wall mirror with decorative tile frame
This ornate round wall mirror will add glamour to any entrance! Available on Pepperfry, Rs 4,490

Mirrors for the living room 

A mirror is a great way to expand a cramped living space, and also brightens up the room. Chosen well, a mirror can actually become the focus of the living space and serve to highlight the home decoration style of the owner! We love the way mirrors have been used in these spaces.



mirrors home decor wall accent design idea Bangalore mirror
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Large floor mirror living room décor bangalore mirrors
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Make the mirror the central focus and talking point of your living room décor.

mirror living room wall décor with plant mirrors home bangalore decor
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These symmetric tiled wall mirrors add contemporary flair to otherwise subtle décor.

Create your own signature style with these pieces, perhaps. If you are looking for truly large statement pieces, an antique store like Dhakshini Antiques in Bangalore might be the place to find these! Or, try indie design boutiques like Mirador and Studio Ebony, also located in Bangalore.

Round wall mirror with floral pattern in distressed silver frame for living room
Ornate wall mirror in distressed silver. On Fabfurnish, Rs 4,990
Standing floor mirror with thick wood frame
Floor mirror with Elmwood frame. On Fabfurnish, Rs 6,999













And, if you’re up for some fun – we’ve found the perfect mirror for you! Try an infinity mirror for your bar area (like this one) or in the den. It’s perfect for creating an instant party atmosphere! We’ll leave you to reflect on this!

Rectangular showpiece infinity mirror Infinity mirror, from Flipkart, Rs 8,500 (discounted price)

Infinity mirror bar décor all around




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