Our top 5 beds for modern bedroom designs

comfy hardwood bed with teal and brown furnishing courtesy decorholic.org

Our top 5 beds for modern bedroom designs

What do friends and beds have in common? They catch you when you fall, they support your lazy days. They give you your personal space. And for some people, after a hectic day spent traversing the lengths of Bangalore city, the bed is possibly their best friend once you reach home! We’ve picked the top 5 beds across categories we’d love to have!

Fit for a king!

Exclusive teak wood king-size bed? Yes please!
This eye-catching, durable bed with a subtle intricate woven headboard is the perfect foil to a luxe bedroom. The ample hidden storage is a major plus!

King size bed with crafted wooden headboard

Tulip Conroy King size bed. On Fabfurnish, Rs 59,499 (discounted price)


Cushioned queen size bed










Forzza Fiji queen size bed. On Fabfurnish, Rs 35,419 (discounted price)

Luxury, fit for a Queen!

This queen sized bed, which comes with a cushioned headboard, offers maximum comfort, and a touch of style. Our best wishes to whoever might need to drag out of bed once this arrives!

Single in the city, and loving it! 

This Santa Cruz single bed utilizes constricted spaces with its convenient extendable bedding option. The perfect way to make extra space for friends who refuse to call it a night!

Hard wood single bed Santa Cruz extendable bed in honey oak. On Pepperfry, Rs 24, 674 (discounted price)


Sometimes, our flights of fancy get the better of us, and almost think we can manage a gorgeous setting like this, with its plush velvet settees, Chippendale restored chairs and exquisite crown moulding.

Royal blue suede sofa bed courtesy: http://www.cre8tivedesignsinc.com

Alas, the Bangalore climate would make keeping this look pristine a tough job! But we did one part of this, and luckily enough, the one thing we did really covet!

:Quilted sofa bed in dark blue velvet








This luxurious Furny sofa bed opens out to make for luxurious sleeping quarters! On Pepperfry, Rs 23, 754 (discounted price)

Contrast a modern bedroom design with this old world four poster bed!

Pinewood canopy king size bed with grey linen King size canopy bed in pinewood. On Pepperfry, Rs 43,272 (discounted price)

While a canopy bed might not be the best solution for Bangalore’s apartment living, it does have an appeal that cannot be denied. This canopy bed is our pick for our Best Dream Bed of 2015. (So far, anyway!)

Tell us your choices!




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