Picking the Perfect Study Table for Kids

Kids Study Table in white

Picking the Perfect Study Table for Kids

Come exam season, and a peek into the many homes across Bangalore will see kids poring over books, seated dutifully at their study table. So much happens at one of these: homework assignments and practice tests, of course, but this is also where art and craft projects come to life, diaries are furtively filled out, and daydreams are dreamed. They hold everything – from coloring pencils and construction paper to guitar picks and computer equipment, accommodating a biology laboratory notebook on one side, and a little easel on another. It holds everything important for a child, the victories of the past (certificates! trophies!) or hopes of the future (college brochures! business plans!). In short, it must be the kind of place where things get done, and dreams get made.

How does one pick a table, even in Bangalore where options are plentiful, when all this needs to happen? We’ve got a few insights!

Albert Kids Study Table on Pepperfry Industrial, Kitschy, Fun! On Pepperfry.com, Rs 9,272

Kindergarten Kiddies!

And finally, just to mix things up, here’s a study table from Pepper Fry. While it doesn’t necessarily look like a study table, and it lacks storage, it has a large surface that is ideal for certain activities, whether building airplane models, drawing architecture plans, or sewing. It has a sleek industrial vibe that adds interest to any room, and is perfect for your young one to take on their many projects.

Kairos Yellow Cycle Table Clock for kids on fabfurnish This cheery yellow cycle clock will liven up every kids’ study table. On Fabfurnish.com, Rs 4,249

Given the penchant for Bangalore schools to start kids off early, one can never be too prepared! Accented with an old fashioned yet modern flip clock like this one from Fab Furnish, this desk is perfect for all ages from 9 to 99!

Scooby Study Table from Urban Ladder for Rs. 13499.

Middle School Mania!

If you have a young child, pick a desk which has the ability to grow with the child, so stay away from desks with cartoon characters or in overly bright colors: an eight year old might be delighted by such furniture, but within a few years, he or she will outgrow it.

Scooby Study Table from Urban Ladder for Rs. 13499.

This classic and sturdy desk from Urban Ladder is a perfect example, accented in a yellow which is cheerful but not childish. It has deep drawers and movable storage underneath: perfect for organizing school books, art supplies, stationery, and more.

Chipakk in the Sky Chalkboard Wall Decal To increase the usable area above the desk, consider a chalkboard wall decal like this one from Pepper Fry.




Wall Decal for a Kids Study Table, Pepperfry.com, Rs. 1519

Alex Daisy Tamsen Study Table from fabfurnish Tamsen Study Table, on Fabfurnish.com, Rs 10, 500 (discounted price)

High School Drama!

If buying a study table for an older kid, they may require more storage space to accommodate all their possessions. This desk from Fab Furnish offers ample shelf space to put away books and other stuff, but allows easy access to necessary supplies. The classic white and neutral accents are perfect for a teenager to customize the space with posters and photographs. For a shot of color, bring in a bright table lamp that can reflect their personality, and still be uber- functional. We like the idea of a clamp desk light, which leaves more surface area for kids to do their thing.

Study tables like these are perfect additions to any home – practical and attractive, they can encourage kids to spend more time at their desks, getting their work done and allowing them the freedom to explore their hobbies. And the best part is this: when those kids are grown up and out of the house, any one of the desks will fit right in with the adults as well!

How Mini Table Lamp from The Purple Turtles Study Table Lamp, The Purple Turtles

Renada LED Clamp light Study Table Fabfurnish Renada Clamp Light for a Kids Study Table, Fabfurnish.com, Rs 1,690



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