Plants to buy for Home Decoration


Plants to buy for Home Decoration

Plants to buy for Home Decoration

 We definitely consider ourselves very warm and nurturing individuals. Unfortunately, we do not have much of a green thumb. And these two facets often come into direct conflict with each other! Given Bangalore’s plentiful (though now rapidly disappearing) greenery, we’ve always wanted to bring an element of the outdoors into our homes as well. We had mixed successes, but these five commonly available Bangalore beauties have not only survived, but thrived! Add them to your home decoration style to liven up your rooms.

peace lilies for home decoration

The Peace Lily  

These hardy plants need minimal care, and look gorgeous without any external supervision! Feel free to indulge in festivities all across Bangalore this season, and come home to these beauties.

Water them only once or twice a week. That’s all they need. Wait for the soil to dry, and water enough to only dampen it.

Don’t leave these in a place exposed to direct sunlight – a place near a window away from direct light works well.

These are tropical plants – spraying just the leaves very lightly with water. That’s all you need to do!

Plant container made of black plastic
Plastic plant urn. On Flipkart, Rs 450 (discounted price)



Contrast the milky whiteness of the lilies and their forest green leaves in this matt black Grecian urn. Since there is no water to be drained, this is the ideal pot for an indoor plant.





African violets in a marbled vase

African Violets

We’ve not met a hardier, yet more gorgeous plant than this in our experience! These plants need only three basic things in the Bangalore weather to help them thrive.

Give them plenty of sunlight, but not direct sunlight! North facing rooms work best. If you’re keeping them elsewhere, make sure to cut direct sunlight, perhaps using a sheer curtain. Tip: These plants also need at least a couple of hours of darkness, or they won’t bloom. Keep your lights off at night!

Water these plants very sparingly. If you’re using a planter with a drainage dish, once a week is good. For double planters, once every two weeks works. Remember; do NOT water from the top. The leaves will wilt. Water these plants from the base only.

Feed these plants once every couple of months with a mixture that’s made especially for them. You get these in most stores (we couldn’t find any that delivered online though). That’s all they need! These plants give you various coloured blooms – you can even get one to match your home decorations!

Purple planter with money plant and white flowers
Title: Oval metal planter in purple. On Fabfurnish, Rs 300 (discounted price)

We love the idea of going tone-on-tone with these flowers! This purple planter works very well with those blooms. You can place a pot into this, or use the planter directly!







Split leaf rhododendron in black planter on stool with mirror

The Split Leaf Rhododendron

 Also known as the Swiss Cheese plant (ha!), this plant oozes glamour and drama! If you are seeking to make a statement with in your living room, dining room or anywhere else, this is the plant for it! These grow to considerable heights, so give it ample space.

These plants are actually tropical creepers, so you may need to prune them.

They have exposed roots usually, but that’s easily taken care of with a moss pole stuck in the centre of the pot for the roots to adhere to, if need be.

Wooden planter with large leaved plant in garden
Title: Wooden planter. On, Rs 3,400

Water these plants amply, keeping the soil always moist (no standing water, please). You could do so once a week. You can wipe the leaves down for a particularly glossy look, which helps them keep clean too. To disinfect, simply spray a mix of dish wash liquid and water!

These plants need bright, though indirect, sunlight. Once kept, don’t move the plants. These plants ask for little, but they are territorial! You would need a fairly large planter for this, such as the one below. A decorative one works, especially since it needs to match your home décor.



lemon grass home decor indoor plant


This particular plant has many, many good qualities! Not only is lemon fragrant (you’ll love the scent of these leaves!), it is easy to maintain, proliferates rapidly, and is an excellent mosquito repellent. This last bit is especially useful in Bangalore today, with its deluge of mosquitoes!

You can grow lemon grass easily from a shoot or bulb. Simply keep it in water. You’ll see roots appear in a week. When new leaves begin to appear, you can pot these. Or, buy a full plant and follow these easy tips below!

Ensure your lemongrass gets full sunlight. This one, unlike the others needs about 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day to thrive. Keeping it near a window, or in the balcony, works best.

Lemongrass loves the wet! Keep the soil moist, especially while growing it, and you’ll see your plant expand soon enough. Don’t crowd the plant though, you will need to repot if this happens. If you’re getting it planted, a layer of pebbles before the potting mixture and soil go in ensures proper drainage.

In the winter months, water it once every three days or so, and if you’ve done it right, you’ll see spiky tendrils of flowers! And say goodbye to mosquitoes!

Blue Palasa unbreakable planter floor
Title: Palasa blue fiberglass unbreakable planter. On Snapdeal, Rs 4,000 (discounted price)

Lemongrass needs a lot of space. Large planters are best suited for this, and if you can find one which is 16 inches across or more, so much the better – like this one we‘ve found.







Spider plant in glossy brick coloured pot

Spider Plant

If ever there was a plant with a forgiving personality, the spider plant would be it. We’ve gone on holiday for two weeks and forgotten to water ours, and on our return, it was only a tad bit droopy, and not at all temperamental!

You only need to water these plants once the soil feels dry to the touch. Or like in our case, when you remember to! Just make sure the water drains well – a good potting mixture will take care of this, along with pebbles as a bottom layer.

They aren’t fussy about light either. A shaded environment works just as well as bright light. Given Bangalore’s varying sunshine patterns, this is perfect. Even artificial light will do, so if you’re looking for a potted plant for work – you’ve found it!

Set of 4 mini planter buckets in different colours
Set of 4 metal mini planters. On Fabfurnish, Rs 350 (discounted price)


Spider plants also give off baby shoots which are all new plants in themselves! Cut these off and replant them, or share them with other Bangalore friends who need a little green in their lives! This set of 4 planters makes for a great base for your spider plant, even as a gift!


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