Quilt up for the Bangalore winter!

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Quilt up for the Bangalore winter!

If you ask anybody who’s moved to Bangalore, about the one thing they love about the city – it’ll be the weather! Bangalore has the most pleasant autumns, which give way to a chilly winter that’s perfect for cosying up and putting all work away! We’re still holding out for the Bangalore winters of old, and in preparation – here’s our go-to guide on how to choose the perfect winter quilt!

50% Goose Down and 50% feather down quilt feather duvet from Homescapes India 50% Goose Down and 50% feather down quilt feather duvet from Homescapes India

 Celebrating a Bangalore winter with luxury!

The warmest, most luxurious quilts that you’d love cocooned around you forever – those are feather and down quilts. You know the kind – the ones in the five star luxury resorts that seem like clouds have enveloped you! Usually stuffed with duck or geese feathers, these quilts trap heat inside, and are fabulously soft and cosy.

They are a tad difficult to come by, but this one from HomescapesIndia might work for you.

Portico New York Ivory And Plum Tree of Life Quilt of 100% cotton Portico 100% Sateen Cotton Quilt set, Rs 3799 (currently discounted) on Fabfurnish.com

100% cotton bed linen = 100% cosy Bangalore winter!

A grade below, but still deliciously comfortable are the 100% cotton quilts and comforters. These can be bought as quilts for single and double beds, and also come as a full set of bed linen. Another option if synthetic quilts, especially beneficial as the microfibers they use as stuffing function as a feather quilt, but are both hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. These work well in kids’ rooms.


Yellow Jaipuri Block Print Quilt Yellow Pepperfry.com Cotton Jaipuri Double Bed Quilt, Rs 2700 (currently discounted) on Pepperfry.com

All-purpose Bangalore weather quilting!

Given that the summers in Bangalore aren’t like the north, and the nights can still have a bit of a nip, traditional Rajashthani razais and duvets are ideal bed covers. Made of lightweight beaten cotton, they let the quilt breathe by not trapping the air between them. They come in different weights and are extremely comfortable and soft. If you want to buy a quilt that works for both summers and winters, go for a medium heavy cotton quilt.

Now that you know the types of quilts you can choose from, answering these questions will help make the final purchase decision a smooth process.

  • Decide which weight of quilt you like. Do you like lighter or heavier quilts? This will affect the kinds of choices you make when it comes to down filled quilts vs a lightweight razai.
  • Do you have carpets in the bedroom, and/or use heaters? Carpets generally make the room warmer, if you don’t have them, your bedroom might get cooler during the night. In this case, go for a heavier/warmer quilt.
  • Do you sleep alone or do children/ better half end up in a tug-of-war for the sheets? If it’s the latter, go for a queen size or a king size quilt that allows for ample coverage, with extra space for the toes to be tucked in (this is important!)
  • If you have kids around or if you’re sharing your bed with your partner, choose for a soft, fluffy feather quilt – they are super comfortable, light and don’t make a ruffling noise, so slipping in and out of bed is a quiet affair.

Now all you need to do, is pick your choice of comforter, get yourself a good book and a cup of steaming hot tea/ coffee and tuck in!



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