Sofa Covers – Keep Your Sofa Sets New And Stylish!

Florianopolis Three Seater Sofa with Throw Pillows in Ferrari Red Colour by CasaCraft Pepperfry Bangalore

Keeping this gorgeous Ferrari red sofa as is, requires care…and sofa covers! Sofa set on, Rs 25,274 (discounted price)

Sofa Covers – Keep Your Sofa Sets New And Stylish!

It requires considerable effort to keep your home and home decoration elements looking good as new. In Bangalore, it is often a tedious task, especially when it comes to sofa sets we’ve paid thousands for. As we watch, dust and other stains leave an indelible mark on our investments. We end up scrubbing, wiping, deep cleaning – such effort! But, how about slips aka sofa covers? These have saved us many hours of effort (and worry)! Now, when we have guests over, we just put the covers on. And let the party begin!

The tough part is finding sofa covers that work with the décor of your home. The ones available are quite frankly, unappealing. And costly, to boot! We’ve looked around, and found solutions that work!

Choose sofa sets that come with sofa covers!

These aren’t very many, to be fair. Since we’ve found it a struggle to find good tailors who can craft well-fitted sofa covers, we’ve always kept an eye out for manufacturers who thought of the customer lifestyle – and built sofas that come protected!

This Slip Cover Collection from Gulmoharlane is absolutely gorgeous and ticks all our boxes – aesthetic appeal, functionality, and budget!

Sofa sets in white and indigo blue striped with cushions to match The Slipcover Collection is available on Prices start from Rs 24,900






Sofa sets in white and indigo blue striped with cushions to match








The Slipcover Collection is available on Prices start from Rs 24,900

Camel coloured 3 seater sofa with cushions Available on Prices begin from Rs 37,900

For a more styled version of the Slipcover Collection, this camel back sofa is the answer!




Create your own Sofa coversCreate your own Sofa Covers

A great idea is to also use a slightly thick sheet as a sofa cover, and simply pin it into shape! Use a sheet that is a little dressy. It does have to do double duty as upholstery, after all. Tasseled sheets etc are a good idea for visual appeal.

You could also use throws – a style staple that, well, never goes out of style! Throws for sofa sets are available on many portals. We’ve picked a few that might work across designs, and home décor styles.



Houndstooth sofa throw cover grey and black Houndstooth sofa throw, on Fabfurnish, Rs 2,499







Striped grey and charcoal sofa throw Charcoal svelte striped sofa throw, on Fabfurnish, Rs 2,599

Pebble textured sunset orange sofa throw Sunset orange pebbled sofa throw, on Fabfurnish, Rs 2,999







Sure Fit sofa cover in dull chocolate brown with pets sitting on it Everyone loves the Sure Fit sofa covers. And they’re pet friendly too!

The Sofa Cover To Covet!

Sadly, we’ve been on the lookout, and never managed to find this particular brand of sofa and duvet covers in India. Called the Sure Fit range of sofa covers, they come in a variety of styles, fabrics and colours that make them work with almost any form of décor. If you are traveling abroad, these may just be the kind you’re looking for. Or you could ask helpful contacts abroad to send them for you. Do please include an extra one for us! Thanks!

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