Tips to keep your wooden furniture sparkling like new!


With lifestyles like ours, especially with the Bangalore traffic on weekdays, and the tempting social scene and other obligations on weekends, we barely get quality time to spend on ourselves, let alone the poor furniture! However, and this we must guiltily admit, we know, a little bit of regular love goes a long way, especially when it comes to maintaining our wooden furniture in this Bangalore weather. More so, considering some of our wood furniture pieces were probably bought as investments we probably paid an arm and a leg for. So, here’s a couple of easy ways to keep your furniture looking chic as always.

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Regular Cleaning

Most of us have household help for our daily chores, and get the furniture dusted. Use a soft cloth and ideally go with the direction of the grain of the wood. You could use ordinary household dusters for this. If you’ve got heirloom furniture, or are worried about lint, you could use chamois cloth, normally used to give cars their perfect shine! For a more thorough clean use the dust brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove all dirt. Just remember to be meticulous.


4c Know your furniture

Most of us have furniture bought online, and from other places as well. It is always important to know the wood finish. For furniture that is varnished, use a slightly damp cloth for regular cleaning. For more stubborn stains, a cleaning solution will work. Waxed furniture requires a polish – like this one at Amazon, available online and also with most stores. For furniture that is painted, a quick home made solution of regular washing liquid should do the trick! It is best not to use waxes and polishes on painted wood – this may react with the paint, and spoil the beautiful finish. Just a quick wipe over should be enough to remove grime and pesky finger blotches. For oiled furniture, a thorough wipe down is a good choice.

Tip: For oiled furniture, use toothpaste on a cloth to wipe down surfaces to remove white spots.

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Adding a bit of spit and polish!

Sheesham furniture can be cleaned with a damp cloth and polished with beeswax. If you can’t get it locally, you can buy one on Amazon, like the one below. For rosewood furniture, linseed oil is a good cleansing agent. For mango wood, avoid cleaning agents that contain ammonia. Teakwood can be cleaned by mixing a little liquid soap in water and wiping well. Vinegar works well for furniture that has gotten mildew.

If you’re in a bind and need a quick overhaul, here’s a quick-fix home-made natural cleaner for you! Mix 4 parts olive oil and 1 part of white vinegar into a spray bottle. Use a soft microfiber cloth and spray the liquid on to the cloth before wiping the surface down. Don’t spray the wood directly, or it may leave a stain. Remember to test a tiny surface area first!



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Tip: Cane furniture is sometimes left unvarnished, to allow the wood to absorb moisture and breathe. If at all you need to apply a finishing coat, a lemon or orange oil is a good choice. Remember to leave cane furniture in places where there is plenty of air circulation – the wood needs to breathe. At the first sign of damp, mold or mildew, soak a cloth in a mixture of Borax and water, and wipe the furniture down. Don’t know where to find Borax? You can buy it off Amazon, but it is considerably expensive!

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Remember always to never expose your furniture to direct sunlight. This may lead the wood to crack, warp or fade. Indirect sunlight works well. Furniture care isn’t rocket science, but much like we do, our furniture needs a little TLC regularly too to look good as new.



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