Tips to maximise space for all wardrobe designs!

Organized wardrobe space with shoes clothes bagscourtesy:

Tips to maximise space for all wardrobe designs!

It is one of the fundamental mysteries of life, and the Bangalore (and Indian) housewife – stuff shall magically expand to fill every available storage space. For most homes, this is true of the kitchen, and especially bedrooms. We strongly believe there is golden business idea in renting out wardrobe space! But nobody seems to have any to spare. If you’d like to cash in, follow these tips to make some space!

Purge. And donate!

This is the first step. No matter how hard one tries (and we have), there is only so much that can be fit into a given space. And we’ve been our friends across Bangalore perform minor miracles when packing suitcases, and filling wardrobes. But if stuff needs to go, it, well, needs to go. These commandments from Orgjunkie are the perfect way to get you started.

Learn how to fold!

Efficiency and economy is key. Follow the chart below, or just follow these videos for items which tend to take up space in narrow shelf spaces. Or watch this video for your tees and shirts (so good!)

and thisone for an army hack to folding jeans (especially helpful for the denims you don’t normally wear, but which still take up valuable space)

infographic diagram on how to fold clothes step by step

Use vacuum packs for bulky storage items

We never cease to be amazed at the oodles of space that free up with this amazing wardrobe storage hack. This is particularly helpful, not that the Bangalore winter is almost here.

Vacuum packed clothes before after courtesy

Vacuum Storage back for clothes







Buy your own set of vacuum bags from, Rs 599

Maximise storage space across any wardrobe design

Most wardrobes today given you only so much space, and there is little you can do to customize them. For those building a home, creating a custom wardrobe design is a precious asset. A sliding door wardrobe design is the way to go, if you can manage it. Utilize hanging spaces as much as you can, keeping only bigger items for shelves. These household aids will help make the most of any given space.

Multi rod metal hanger for scarves ties etc Use this multi-rod metal hanger for trousers and sarees to maximise space. On Pepperfry, Rs 199







Set of 2 plastic hangers with multiple hanging option This set of 2 plastic hangers is perfect for scarves, ties, dupattas, belts and other accessories. On Pepperfry, Rs 599

Pink multi shelf fabric wardrobe organizer Using shelves for socks and innerwear? Try this hanging organizer instead. On Fabfurnish, Rs 289 (discounted price)








We hope this has helped sort your wardrobe dilemmas! If this seems like effort, think of all the time you’ll save getting ready when you can finally find your favourite green top. And all the compliments you’ll get on your efficient wardrobe aesthetic too!



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