Transforming Houses into Homes

What’s the difference between a house and a home?

A lot of people when decorating their houses have many fixed ideas on what they want their homes to eventually look like – ”contemporary”, “minimal”, ”chrome “, ” leather sofas” etc.  Which is all great, but my first advice is telling them – maybe a little bit warmer? More human ?

No matter how many bedrooms you have , how big or small the place – a house becomes a home only when you make it  “ yours”, and fill it with memories, personal artefacts, curated artworks – celebrating the people and things you love .

People focus so much time on the right decor, design, picking the perfect furniture , that it can turn into a complete nightmare or worse, an emotionless house that looks exactly like a hotel lobby.

Trust me, it will all eventually come together…. just let it all happen when it does. Your mind and your wallet will thank you for it.

Here our 5  simple ways to decorate your house and give it your own personal stamp and identity.

A gallery or a wall of photos

A photo gallery of all your loved ones assembled around a wall, a foyer, a staircase is an easy yet wonderful feature in a home. Yet to make it cohesive, and not like something in your grandmothers house keep the prints or the frames similar in style or colour.


Have an accent wall

Before you decide to paint all your walls red or wall paper the entire room…start with an accent wall.  Its cheaper and definitely more eye catching .  Plus its easy to change it if you get bored !  You can use paint, fabric, wallpaper or anything that takes your fancy….and believe me it’ll make all the difference.


An accent wall papered wall just adds a touch of glamour to these rooms …and since its just one wall you can go as bold or dramatic as you wish ! Like this image below – a unique accent wall with painted shutters.. Wow !

Shutter window wall home decorWooden crate recycled home decor

Or, use simple wooden slats or reused crate pallets to give an otherwise ordinary room a completely contemporary edge.

Group images according to a theme

There’s no need to go out and start buying large expensive pieces of art. Simply grouping various items together…anything from botanical prints, baskets , plates make a wonderful wall gallery …a lot more interesting and innovative and defenitely showcasing your personality.

Family photo wall home decorrthemed flower photo wall home decordecorative plate wall living room home decorliving room wall home decor baskets

Coffee table talk!

Say goodbye to traditional boring coffee tables and bring in one focal piece. The coffee table is the central part of all living room….please give it its due ! More texture…more wood…more edgy !

coffee table living room decorliving room decor with upcycled wooden coffee table

This ultra modern room gets its warmth from the unusual combination of a trio of wooden tables

multiple wooden coffee table white living room home decor

Get Eclectic: Mix, mix …and mix some more!  

A house like you , has a personality…it grows and changes along with you. Don’t be afraid to mix pieces that you like over the years because of changing opinions or budget. Mix the old with the new… mix the wood colours….mix the cheap vintage pieces with your hard earned buys ….and then you have a home.

Though mixing furniture is difficult to pull off but when done correctly it adds a whole new dimension to the room. Mix keeping colours , lines and textures in mind so that it doesn’t end up looking like ….well., one big mess !

The Rustic wooden coffee table in a largely black and white contemporary room not only adds warmth but is what gives this room an edge.

rustic wooden coffee table home decor

The picture below shows what could have been a simple room, but which now stands out mainly because of the mix of  wood, wicker ,ceramic – the  colours and texture combine to bring the room together.

Multiple home decor wooden coffee table centerpieces

The furniture styles in the room pictured below are all different, yet the room comes together as one cohesive individualistic room – so much less boring!

multiple wooden textured living room decor

The rustic dining table gets more contemporary with the upholstered chairs giving it a whole new look !

mix and match dining room home decor

It’s very easy to follow a catalogue or the pages of some design magazine. Yes, it can come together very well, even look beautiful. But in the end, it just misses a little bit of soul.  From the art on the walls to the furniture pieces, don’t choose decor based on a specific style, but on what makes you smile.

What kind of things do you do, to turn your house into a home?

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