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Artist:|Prashant Bangal|Code No.:|626|Medium: |Brass|Size: |8``x6``x6``
From Matteo Cibic's Karesansui collection, Bloom Round Rug is a contemporary pink luxury carpet in New Zealand wool, hand tufted & trimmed.
Capitello by Gufram is a luxury arm or lounge chair, resembling a broken Grecian column. Buy from Scarlet Splendour in India.
Dark Angel Secretaire, a unique designer study table from Scarlet Splendour's Dark Angel collection, with angel wings makes it a piece de resistance.
Pink Lady by Gufram is a sensuous fuchsia settee that is stylish and absolutely irresistible. Sold in India by Scarlet Splendour.
With its vintage pattern and engaging aqua and white hues, this terrific rug exudes a hip, retro vibe that’s sure to add an easy shot of style to any space. Warm, inviting and irresistibly textured for the ultimate in cozy comfort.
Simple, chic and classy is the best way to describe this dresser made out of pure sheesham wood, one of the most superior quality of wood. Enhanced with wall nu
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