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Drown in the deluxe of The Indian Influx range of designer cushion covers. Made of poly taffeta, the appearance on these sofa cushions is fine, tight and made to imitate silk taffeta, which is one of the oldest luxury fabrics in the world. The fabric is naturally UV resistant, and has low moisture retention, allowing moisture to dry rapidly.
Overview: Add a tailspin feature to your room with this Metallic plane clock. It will not only tell you the time, but also it will remind you of your travel memories.
The Camera Lens Sipper Mug is a must have for every photographer or camera fan. It is a thermal insulated tea/ coffee mug that looks like a lens and is great for use at home or office. The fascinating features and replicating design gives the cup a genuine camera lens appearance. The focus dials are replaced with replicas made from high-grip rubber, this turns a clever decorative feature into a functional part of the cup that helps the user to keep a firm grip. The lens cup has a hole that will allow you to take a sip without taking the lid off so it will keep your drinks warmer for longer.
PlainJane JamLamps - Ultra cool upcycled lamp, made with Jam bottles. A set of 5 lights make for a lovely ceiling lamp. Super easy to install too!||Main Material - Glass bottles - And before you wonder, we've made a provision for the heat to escape so don't worry, it won't break even if you leave it on the whole day.||Height: 20 inches from the ceiling to the lid of the lowest bottle.|||Technicolor Lamps - PlainJane's colorful cousin! The same Lamp but in color. Each bottle is in a different color so you get slightly tinted light.|||
Our fabulous Blue Danube one-of-a-kind armchair is an ode to Europe and the lovely Blue Danube Waltz! Curvy, crisp and pretty, this chair brings life to any corner it is placed in.Ê
The mystic charm of the forest has found a contemporary twist in this gorgeous single seater sofa. Luxuriant cushioned arms and back make it a lovely nook to unwind in, as the warm colours, pleasing prints and soft cushions ensconce you in their midst. Spacious and stylish, you will never cease to amaze at its succinct blend of comfort, quality and elegance. Soft patterns, peppered with bright colours, set against a vibrant shade of red will add a bit of magic to your favourite spaces. The silhouettes of quaint forest animals add just the right amount of whimsy to this stately piece of furniture. The four solid wood legs add an element of height. The soft curved frame is accentuated by the soft, yet bold colours. Whether you're curling up with a book, gearing up to binge watch your favourite show, or spending some quality time with your loved ones, this stunning piece will make every moment so much more special.
If you are impressed by the Arbelos Industrial Rope Pendant Light, we bet you are going to love its cousin that we bring you here, the desk lamp version of it. This serene and sober industrial lamp is sure to woo the man of refined taste inside you, and will be your perfect companion while you pen down those random muses, or even when you ponder over the reflection of your thoughts, or when you just want to get lost into the pages of your favourite story. The light that disperses just creates a magical aura, marking your desk as your own territory. | Made up of sturdy galvanized iron, complete with black powder coating, and of course the brown and coarse rope design, this is one of the finest industrial furnishing designs, to ever grace your living room. The copper accents further accentuate its elegant look.Material:Iron | Color: Brown | Style: Warehouse | Lighting Part: Filament Bulb | Holder Type: E27 | Recommended voltage: 110v - 220v, 40w | Wire Length: 21 inches (76.2 cms) | Bulb Included: No | Desk Lamp Shade Length :8 inches (20 cms) Breadth 3.5 inches (9 cms) Height : 6.5 | inches (16.51 cms) | Total Height : 38 inches (96.5 cms) | Quantity: 1 Piece | Care Instructions :Clean with a dry cloth. | Warranty :1 monthwarranty on manufacturing defects. | Ships in : 3-5 Days