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Easy chair has been in continuous development since 2002. Our reputed firm is highly engaged in offering a huge collection of Easy Chair to our prestigious customers. Our showroom’s unique easy chair you see in here is reclaimed from Nilambur teak wood and is characterized by adjustable arm rest with attractive brass designed rings.these ergonomically designed chair offers optimum comfort while using and you will feel very much cosy when you back rest for an afternoon siesta.This piece is graceful and elegant in appearance which is very likely to fit into the decor of any room. It is wide & can be complemented with an upholstered foot stool making it perfect to keep it in anywhere as per your comfortable.
Grace your porch with this relaxing pair of easy chairs. Made of antique teakwood, in the traditional foldable Keralite design, it is the ideal piece of furniture from which one can gaze upon the miles of green fields abound. The seat is made of laminated, woven coir, reinforced through the hand weaving and each chair is strong and can carry up to 150 kilos. These chairs hail from a tradition rich with the uses of coir, a coconut by-product; Kerala being one of the top exporters of it from the colonial times. The frame of the chairs are wrapped in the coir as well, so as to ensure a firm grip of the material. The wooden base has the space for a foot rest, carved with simple elegance, under the chair itself, so the people sitting on it can use the chair with both ease, and polite decorum. The legs of the chair have rounded, sanded down ends, so as to not create scratches or sounds on the floor when moved. It glides easily, particularly on the red oxide floors it was traditionally made to rest upon. Finally, the piece d’resistance is the handle on the end of the chair, which gives purchase when sitting down or getting up. It makes for the ideal seat for the elderly, giving them a place to rest their weary backs; and look upon the world in peace. The back rest is comforting and enveloping, holding all your weight and ensuring that it will always provide the support you seek.
This satinwood sofa is a reproduction of the traditional Chettinad style and embodies the culture of Southern India by using some of the most indigenous materials and labour. It has a cane back and sides, hand woven by expert artisans. Secondly, the wood is exquisite, with hard carved embellishments in the traditional eight petal flower pattern. The arm rests are of particular note, with a barrel design that is quite unique and special. This durable piece is a throwback to times of rich comfort and elegance. 
This gorgeous dark grained rosewood easy chair is a simple, yet quintessentially Kerala piece of furniture.About 85 years old, it embodies the grace of colonial carpentry. It was sourced from the Kerala royal home collection. The adjustable arm rests are elongated and extend well beyond the seat so that a reclining occupant may also rest back in peace with his feet raised. The backing and seat is made out of reinforced hand woven cane webbing in a perfectly symmetrical geometric pattern. This chair is rustic and quaint, and gives any room it graces an air of comfort and ease. 
This Beautiful barrel ended day bed, known as a diwan in India, has been made out of wood and woven cane. The wood is the strongest and most durable kind of teak, and the bed itself has been woven by indigenous women in the villages of Kerala. The barrel at the end acts as a footrest, and the curved headboard makes this the ideal furniture for an afternoon siesta. It is reminiscent of the cool breeze and sea winds in Kerala, and would be a lovely addition to any ethnic room. 
This gorgeously patterned cane coffee table, with the matching sofa set would be a lovely centre piece for a living room. The wood is all teak, and the softer parts are all bamboo woven cane, reinforced by wood backing. The sofa set consists of two arm chairs and a love seat, and the coffee table is square and compact. The chairs all have high arm rests in the traditional Kerala style. 
Airy with a wicker seat and back, Sinni chair is crafted in retro lines. It's the new option for a two seater for living or bedrooms. Teak wood. Hand woven wicker.|Material: TEAK WOOD|Size: L 48 X B 20 X H 32 IN|Care Instructions: Dust daily with soft cloth or duster, wipe clean weekly with a damp cloth to avoid dust residue settling|Delivery: ONLY IN MUMBAI AND GOA|Color: NATURAL|All Sofas and Teak wood Furniture will be delivered within 21-25 days.
Ecofriendly and minimalistic, this cane hanging lamp is the perfect addition to your growing collection. Add instant pizazz with intriguing light-play in your home with this woven beauty as it sways gently. Rustic, minimal and basket woven, this lamp fits right into any kind of home or work setting.
ABOUT:Ecofriendly and minimalistic, this is the perfect addition to your very own “Animal Farm” collection at home. China toads in your garden?Piggy bank on your shelf?Cat that got the cream coasters? Puppy figurines? And now, a friendly giraffe to join them! Material - Basket CaneDimensions - L 15 x H 44 cm