Brand Questions

Home Canvas is an online platform that is dedicated to simplifying the search for great home décor, so that you can create interesting home interiors that truly reflect you. At Home Canvas, we discover, source and create compelling content in home décor. You can now choose from extensively curated products across hundreds of sites - chosen carefully to cater to discerning tastes, or get your daily dose of home décor from the Mag, or even get inspired from our Styleboards that are made for almost every theme and mood.

Home Canvas is free! There is no cost to accessing our curated products, nor to browse the Mag. Home Canvas enables you to find the décor that perfectly fits your needs, and you can buy these from the host brands themselves. There is no cost to the customer for availing any of Home Canvas’ features.

It’s best to use the most updated version of your browser for a full experience. Home Canvas works best on Safari, Chrome and Firefox Mozilla.

There is no option at this time, to change a user name once it’s created.

Using Home Canvas

Signing up allows you to use every feature we’ve built in for you. Once you’ve signed up, you can access exclusively curated Styleboards, design picks from India’s top design influencers, and save everything you liked on your own user dashboard for easy access.

As a community member on Home Canvas, you can browse for a particular décor theme, or even for different rooms in your house. With the Collections, you can browse a variety of looks curated with products from across Home Canvas, explore colour palettes for each room and even save Collections you like on your own user dashboard, so you can find everything you’ve liked in one place! We’re taking the effort out of home décor, and leaving you all the fun!

We currently don’t sell any products on our website at this moment, but through our curated product catalogues, you can find your ideal décor choices, and buy them directly from the host websites/ brands. Our experts have curated products across hundreds of sites to list only the best for you – so you save your time and effort, while getting exactly what you want!

If you find someone having replicated your content, please do write to us at contactus@homecanvas.com, and we will look into the matter. Given home décor and personal tastes and preferences, we always advocate a philosophy of “imitation is the best form of flattery!”

Instead of tedious bookmarking and downloads, as a member of the Home Canvas community, you can view everything you liked and saved in your user dashboard. Simply click on My Account, and the tab Saved Items to see everything you’ve liked.

In the unlikely event that you can’t find something specific to your tastes on Home Canvas, all you need to do is use the Décor Hunter Search feature on Home Canvas. Our team of décor hunters across India, online and offline, will work from your brief to locate products that match your need. It helps to have a pictorial reference and a budget in mind, so we can bring you recommendations and solutions that are easy for you to action.

Be more with Home Canvas

To enable you to find the best home décor from different perspectives, we’ve brought together some of India’s best design minds. Our Style Experts comprise a mix of architects, interior decorators, designers, bloggers and influencers, so you can find a design style or language that speaks perfectly to your sensibilities.

Absolutely! Please send us a sample of your design work, be it your social media pages, or design portfolios to contactus@homecanvas.com and we will certainly evaluate how best we can use your talents.