in Pooja Room

Luminous Blooms ! Exquisitely ribbed, floral ceramic shades in muted colours.|Material: CERAMIC|Size: DIA 10 IN|Care Instructions: WIPE WITH DAMP CLOTH|Color: CORAL / YELLOW|HSN Code: 94051010|Colors are represented as accurately as possible but may vary slightly from what is seen on screen.
Rejuvenate your home with panache.|This contemporary beauty will take you down to a shimmering lane while sun plays peek-a-boo with you.|Made from high quality glass material and hand coated with Glossy paint to give it smooth and clear look.|Just light a wax diya inside and let it work its magic.
Inspired by the Hindu temple structures called Shikaras, locally known in Jaipur as Kalash, the Kalash pendant series was created. |These spires come in many designs and shapes, but they all have mathematical precision and geometric symbolism. Scholars suggest that this shape is inspired by the cosmic mountain of Meru or Himalayan Kailasa, the abode of gods according to Vedic mythology.|The base of the pendant series come is two materials- copper and wood that is used in combination with brass. Hang them individually or in a group to create beautiful nooks in your home.
This hanging lamp is reminiscing the daisy flower and its beautifully shaped petals. |Hand beaten fine sheets of brass placed in a similar claw and blade position of a flower. |It fits in almost every room, integrating with the existing style, adding a touch of contemporary chic. Comes with a brass ceiling canopy.
A set of delicately formed tea lights made of fine sheets of brass and finished wood.|Keep them on a table clustered or individually in corners. These make for a perfect Diwali gift. Available in brass gold, rose gold and chrome finish.
``Not from the Stone Age but closer to Kryptonite, Crystal Rock appears in the cave of the future as an ambassador of the fusion between nature and man, light and reflection, |transparency and mass``
Bohemian style red storage box. A very attractive piece with bold colour to add vibrance and charm to your home. This little box gives you storage and also serves as a side table. The iron handles on both sides make it look more attractive and very rusticy. | Material: reclaimed pine | Fittings: cast iron handles on both sides | Dimension: 18 * 17 * 17 | Delivery available in Bangalore city only
Give your dull wall space an instant face-lift, with this beautiful hand-painted decorative wall plate. Although it is a classic wall decor, this plate may also be used as a festive platter.