Get transported to an era of Arabic folklore with this purple glass patterned surface hurricanes. This piece invokes ideas of dreaminess and enigma.|- Arabic feel|- invoking dreaminess|- Premium quality glass|Care Instruction: Clean it with a soft damp cloth|SHORTNAME:Aglaia Purple Glass Hurricane|SIZE:Dia - 7, Height - 11 (In inches)|MATERIAL:Glass|COLOR:Purple
Neighing with his nostrils flared, hair flying in the wind, Emissarius, our royal derby stallion is caught in action in this moulded bust bookends.|Animal magnetism oozes through the contours of its muscular form. This split equinine is meant for powerful impact. Use in dens, studies & living spaces.|- Horse bust bookends|- Sculpted in a moment of action|- Naturalistic details|- Lustrous Metallic finish|Care Instruction: Clean it with a soft damp cloth|SHORTNAME:Emissarius Ivory Horse Bookends|SIZE:9 x 2.5 x 10|MATERIAL:Resin|COLOR:Ivory
Aptly named, Crater's bowl-shaped form brings a celestial touch to your walls. In distressed metal with eroded edges and perforated patterns, the vintage look is derived through painstakingly hand-crafted finish. Each piece carries its own signature style. Put together a cluster of them in varying sizes to transform your decor to a higher strata.|- Circular form|- Distressed Vintage look|- Eroded edges|- Perforated patterns|- Hand-crfated|- Lustrous finish|- Looks best as a set|Care Instructions: Clean it with a soft damp cloth|SHORTNAME:Crater Large Gold Wall Decor|SIZE:Dia - 16 (In inches)|MATERIAL:Metal|COLOR:Gold
Inspired by the sleek European design, our spotless white beauty is ideal for placing in the corner of your room. Lustrous & elegant, this beautiful square table lamp flawlessly blends with the subtle ambiance around.|- Modern Sleek European Design|- Square Form|- Minimalistic pattern|- Square Stone base|Care Instruction: Clean it with a soft cloth|SHORTNAME:Bergen Rose Gold Table Lamp|SIZE:Hight 16.5 (In inches)|MATERIAL:Marble, Stainless Steel|COLOR:Off White, Rose Gold, White
Modern aesthetic meets organic elements in our Bamboo Bar Accessories collection. Gilded bamboo in its natural contours adds an lustrous edge to the polished stainless steel surface. The Wine Chiller incorporates two bamboos jutting out through its body, to be used as handles. Bring home this natural charmer to grow your adulations.
Ifrane Jar|SHORTNAME:Ifrane Jar|SIZE:8 x 8 x 11 (In inches)|MATERIAL:Ceramic|COLOR:Black, White
Russet Corsage in a quintessential shade, with its arrangement resembling a corsage on a lady's dress paired along a lifelike stem induces its appeal. Another of our signature blooms that elevates living, entertaining, lounging and dining areas. |Place it as a standalone item on a corner table for an interesting look, highlight it by placing it underneath an overhead lamp or fixture. With the level of sophistication showcased by the design, it is hard to differentiate the real & the surreal one. You can also consider placing it in a complementing vase from Address Home to achieve the outlook perfecto!|- Elegant Rust color|- Shaded linear texture|- Extended stem|- Washable|- Durable|Care Instructions: Dust with a soft cotton cloth.|SHORTNAME:Russet Corsage|SIZE:39.4 (In inches)|MATERIAL:EVA Foam|COLOR:Rust
Floret Jar Ivory|8893|SHORTNAME:Floret Jar Ivory|SIZE:12 X 10 X 12 (In inches)|MATERIAL:Ceramic|COLOR:Off White
Orient Jar White|SHORTNAME:Orient Jar White|SIZE:8 x 8 x 11 (In inches)|MATERIAL:Ceramic|COLOR:Gold, White
Orient Jar Orange|SHORTNAME:Orient Jar Orange|SIZE:8 x 8 x 11 (In inches)|MATERIAL:Ceramic|COLOR:Gold, Orange
Tiny beads of symmetric foams conjoin to take the shape of this enchanting Floweret Aqua. The petals are perfectly placed to form a choreography of divine dancing move. Sharp blend of colors reflect a new musical score. Pair with our decor urns & vases for a striking floral display.|- Pastel aqua blue dyed color|- Perfect petal placement|- Poly nylon make|- Washable|- Durable|Care Instructions: Dust with a soft cotton cloth.|SHORTNAME:Aqua Blue Floweret|SIZE:39.4 (In inches)|MATERIAL:EVA Foam|COLOR:Rust
Inspired by the wall art of Moorish Spain. Delicate shades in a subtle wash bring out the quality glaze of the porcelain. A charming receptacle for your medium-and long-stemmed blooms, reeds and singles.|- Raised bubble like texture inside|- Hand blown glass|- Diagonal checkered pattern|- 17th century French inspiration|- Milky white color base|- Glossy lacquer finish|Care Instruction: Clean with a soft damp cloth|SHORTNAME:Badajoz Glass Vase|SIZE:Dia-12.5 x Height-16|MATERIAL:Glass|COLOR:Blue
Glint Lantern Gold|SHORTNAME:Glint Lantern Gold|SIZE:Dia - 6 X Hight - 10 (In inches)|MATERIAL:Glass, Metal|COLOR:Gold, Transparent
Borzia Ikat Cushion|SHORTNAME:Borzia Ikat Cushion|SIZE:14 X 20 (In Inches)|MATERIAL:Cotton|COLOR:Multicolor
Ante up your elegance quotient with this bunch of surreal berries! The frivolousness of the bunch transports you to the locale of swaying berries hanging from the trees running parallel to the lush green European meadows. Bring home the sublime class along with a tan of panache. Place it on a corner or round table to experience the touch of the wild.|- Vibrant rustic color|- Long thin stem|- High quality foam|Care Instructions: Dust with a soft cotton cloth.|SHORTNAME:Russet Wild Berries|SIZE:39.4 (In inches)|MATERIAL:EVA Foam|COLOR:Rust
The set includes Soap Dispenser, Toothbrush Holder, Cotton Jar, Soap Dish & Tray.|Of dark grey colored glass diamantes. With a texture of chunk square glasses with beveled effect developed on glass. Rhinestones pattern each item's surface. Make yours an upper-crust bath.|- Dark grey colored glass|- Surface texture|- Diamante Embellishment|- Stainless Steel Nozzle|Care Instruction: Clean with a soft damp cloth|SHORTNAME:Prysma Grey Bath Set|SIZE:Liquid Dispenser: 3.2 x 2.9 x 7.5 (In inches), Tooth Brush Holder: 3.2 x 2.9 x 5 (In inches), Cotton Jar: 4 x 4 x 4.5 (In inches), Soap dish: 5.25 x 4 x 1.5 (In inches), Tray: 13.75 x 5.6 x 1.5 (In inches)|MATERIAL:Glass|COLOR:Grey
Manhattan Gold Planter|SHORTNAME:Manhattan Gold Planter|SIZE:Dia - 10.2 X Hight - 11 (In inches)|MATERIAL:Stainless Steel|COLOR:No
Mogul Decor Silver Bowl|SHORTNAME:Mogul Decor Bowl|SIZE:Dia - 9 X Hight - 7 (In inches)|MATERIAL:Stainless Steel|COLOR:Silver
``With a lustrous smoky carnation corsage in bold relief, this French crafts-inspired decor accent is a stellar showcase as a standalone. Treat yourself to the charm & lustre of this grey ceramic beauty rendered in a minimalistic fashion.|It meets all the criterias of an ideal decor piece for your house. Place it on tables and shelves of your picking and re-do an area in an instant.|- Carnation corsage|- Glazed finish|- Subtle antique texture|- Stunning relief work|Care Instruction: Clean it with a soft damp cloth``|SHORTNAME:Posy Grey-Platinum Decor|SIZE:10 x 9 x 7 (In inches)|MATERIAL:Ceramic|COLOR:Grey
A pared down, minimalist multi-purpose jar meets a luxurious lid with a artistic holder filled with crystals. Storage & serving never had it so good. Use it as a bar accessory or just keep cookies in it,|- Lid holder filled with small crystals|- Artistic form of the holder|- High quality glass|Care Instruction: Clean it with a soft damp cloth|SHORTNAME:Ritz Crystal Sparkle Jar|SIZE: Dia - 4, Hight - 6(In inches)|MATERIAL:Glass|COLOR:Transparent