Art + engineering=geometric candle .Inspired by the origami art this rich candle has a geometric shape that casts unusual shadows that dance and flicker with the flame. It is lit with an led
Geometric candles have been artistically designed with a modern twist. We use everyday objects and incorporate a multifaceted design to bring out the unique lines of each object we create. These designs add a distinctive touch to the everyday dcor. It comes in a set of 3 candles .
Pebble shaped candles , ideal for a serene and calm atmosphere.It comes in a set of 5.
Our Signature Line of Beeswax candles has an aromatherapy value that helps with relaxation, de-stressing, and focus. The fruity collection contains 3 fruity fragrances . A luxury candle with the irresistibly fruity aroma of pomegranate , black currant and orange .These scents are sure to tantalize your senses . Our candles come in a glass tumbler and are packed in a perfectly giftable signature box .
Quintuple means 5 . The 5 candles burn down beautifully when lit .
Buta or paisley is a motif of perisan origin.The buta candle is a perfect blend of tradition with modernity .
Illuminate this festive season with these beautiful candle pots . place a group low down on the ground amongst the garden plants and surround them with large pebbles , and they will give the impression of pathway of light twirling around the garden.It is available in set of 2 big and small.
It is not a candle yet it glows . Wax Luminary candle vessels bring you the unmatchable glow of real wax in a reusable form. Keep them on your bedside tables or use them as glow lamps to lighten up corners of your house .