This salad server of sheesham wood bearing a deep brown color is a must have among your cutlery. Its rustic and contemporary look shall add flavor to your table accessories and dining space.|
This simple but elegant paper lamp is easy to fold and therefore makes a small pack while shipping. The pyramid fold up into a flat pack. Gift it or get it home, for a warm feeling.|
These Bamboo coiled coasters are very user friendly, and will add a natural touch to your table. Bamboo is considered to be an environment friendly material, that is easy to replenish.|
This particular Gond painting depicts how a tree could help every living creature. A tree is not just required to provide shelter and protection to the birds but also contributes in the living and sustenance of every being, from humans to animals. The dependence of life on trees is beautifully elucidated through this painting. The detailing, textures and colours used by the artist are earthy and make the painting effortlessly striking. The painting is created by Master artist Subhash Vyam.|Gond tribal paintings are made in Madhya Pradesh. The paintings are expressions of rituals or practices that are deeply linked with their day to day lives, religious sentiments and devotions. Themes of Gond paintings are often based on local festivals like KarwaChauth, Deepawali, AhoiAshtami, Nag Panchmi, Sanjhi etc. Horses, elephants, tigers, birds, gods, men and objects of daily life are painted in bright and multi colored hues. Tribal Gond paintings are done by the tribal women of the village using simple homemade colours. Colourful and highly expressive, this art has its own unique identity and rare beauty.|