Enjoy the ambience of a real candle without the fire hazard!|No romantic scene can ever be imagined without a room full of candles. Now what if that scene was completely fireproof, wouldn't that just be the icing on thecake! These beautiful and elegant LED candles are just what the doctor ordered! Choose from an oval shaped, cream, vanilla flavoured candle for a quiet 'candlelit' dinner indoors. And if you want to spice things up, there's always this votive, melted look, pomegranate flavoured candles; that just ooze suggestiveness! LED candles are a sensible way to keep the hopeless romantic in you satiated, they're a hundred per cent fireproof and eco-friendly! Experiment with different combinations and let your loved one feel the romance come alive!|
Your Tea time companion|There is nothing like coming home from a long day at work, putting on your comfy pants, stuffing some tea leaves in, and climbing into your own big bathtub. The hot steam will open your rubber pours, the warmth will help you relax. Just throw your arms over the edge and smile! If only you were as lucky as Mr Tea, this would be your relaxation ritual. But the rest of us live in the real world, with real humans and it's the little things that make your day. Little things like a tea infuser shaped like a little man with pants you can stuff with tea leaves!|
How do you like your eggs in the morning?|Its morning and you're getting ready to take on the day ahead. Breakfast awaits. What should you haveCereal? A breakfast bar? Fruit? Come on, you know none of these things will fill you up. Not like a yummy hot egg on some crunchy toast. Mmm, just the thought of that gorgeous gooey yolk making your bread all soggy is enough to get the taste buds going!It's only natural then, that when you want to surprise that special someone with a lovely lie in and breakfast in bed, you'll reach for the good old fashioned heart-warmer that is an egg! You want to eggspress your love and devotion, and what better way to do it than with this adorable little egg mould! Shaped like the most precious heart, your egg mould will turn out perfectly cooked boiled eggs in the shape ofyes, you guessed it, hearts!For a breakfast that doesn't just say I like you, you'll need one of these babies. Eggspress your love in a completely dishwasher safe way, save on the washing up and make your loved one smile with this gorgeous Heart Shaped Egg Mould. Right, we're off to make an egg or two!|
The Camera Lens Sipper Mug is a must have for every photographer or camera fan. It is a thermal insulated tea/ coffee mug that looks like a lens and is great for use at home or office. The fascinating features and replicating design gives the cup a genuine camera lens appearance. The focus dials are replaced with replicas made from high-grip rubber, this turns a clever decorative feature into a functional part of the cup that helps the user to keep a firm grip. The lens cup has a hole that will allow you to take a sip without taking the lid off so it will keep your drinks warmer for longer.
Makes a cutting - cakewalk.|The Cake Server makes cake cutting and serving - a cakewalk, for both the most clumsiest as well as the most cake friendly hands. Its clumsiness common to anyone who has dared to cut a cake high on cream. Cutting cake without distorting it in look and proportion can be quite a dodgy task. It is the perfect accompaniment to the choicest cakes served at graduation, wedding and birthday celebrations.|The functional Cake Server doubles up as an ideal gift with its space for inscriptions and engravings. This ergonomic cake cutter and server comes in four different colours:- Black Magic, Fresh Lime, Deep Purple and Snow White, that are suitable for cakes of all categories plain sponge and the heavily cream laden.|We think its only fair that something as painstakingly flawless as cake be accompanied with a cutting that makes serving a cakewalk.|
Cake stencils are one of the simplest ways to get a professional and highly impressive result when decorating a cakes. They require very few tools, little know-how, and most importantly, they're quick and easy. These stencils helps in icing of cakes giving it a unique and decorative presentation.
Non-slip and Heat proof placemats|Add a stylish touch to your dining table or workstation with a set of 6 candid Camera lens shaped coasters. Stack of coasters that take on the form of an SLR camera can be used with hot or cold beverages protecting your surface from ugly ring marks.|
The Cake Pan is a high quality baking pan that can be used to bake delicious cakes of perfect sizes. The Cake pan provides ample flexibility and a non-stick, easy to clean finish, so that your baked treats are easily and quickly released from the dish. It is highly durable and conducts heat rapidly and evenly, aiding the cooking and cooling process. It does not absorb flavors or odors and will not distort or taint.