The neon plant is an easy to grow, hardy indoor plant. It is a|air purifier and cleanses the surrounding off toxins. Available in creeper version as well as a miniature versions that can be placed on workstations. If put on the ground, they make excellent ground covers too. This plant is in a plastic hanging pot.|Well-lit places where it receives filtered sunlight is a good spot for neon plants.|A good mix of regular loamy sandy soil. It should be well drained.|Likes the soil to dry up a bit between watering. Always test the soil for moisture before watering. Once in 2 days is ideal for all round the year except summers.|Average humidity is good. It likes watering on its leaves.|A general NPK feed every month is needed to be luscious and green.|Repot it when it fills the pot over time and the plant kind of overflows. Repot preferably during spring.|Very easy to propagate via stem cuttings ... either place them in water or in sandy soil. Both have a good success rate.|This guy needs to be shaped to look good. Cut run-away shoots and train per your requirement. Informal pinching always helps.||||
Is an elegant aloe planted in a white ceramic pot.|Thrives in strong light - both indoors and outdoors.|Sandy, Excellent drainage.|Water every alternate day or even spaced out in wet weather.|A weak all purpose feed once a year during spring is more than sufficient.|If the plant has outgrown its pot it's a good idea to repot in Spring or to pluck out its baby plants.|Slow.|||||