This super fun lady bug shaped toothbrush holder has a powerful suction that easily attaches the device to any smooth surface of tiles, glass, etc.||Instructions for use - Don't install it on crude surface of walls and ground glasses, etc.|If the sucker gets deformed or hardened, place the suction cups soaking in hot water around 60 degree C for 10 mins which then can be reused after drying.|Do not install it near the fire or objects with high temperature.||
Say goodbye to cluttered Jewelry drawers, missing earrings, tangled neck-pieces and last-minute dressing-up panic. Our upcycled jewelry kettles are hand-painted and designed to neatly hold everything that brings you the bling!||Colors available: Yellow, Green, Blue|Holds upto 24 earrings.|
PlainJane JamLamps - Ultra cool upcycled lamp, made with Jam bottles. A set of 5 lights make for a lovely ceiling lamp. Super easy to install too!||Main Material - Glass bottles - And before you wonder, we've made a provision for the heat to escape so don't worry, it won't break even if you leave it on the whole day.||Height: 20 inches from the ceiling to the lid of the lowest bottle.|||Technicolor Lamps - PlainJane's colorful cousin! The same Lamp but in color. Each bottle is in a different color so you get slightly tinted light.|||
It's time to save your city! Get that mask on, quick!||Material: Wood with a glass mirror|Size:12 inchesx18 inches|
Inspired by chemistry labs at school, our all-new Lab Planters are especially made for those who love to experiment with their home gardens. The test tube shape is perfect to grow all sorts of plants in - from vines and creepers to tiny starlets and bluebells. You can hang them in your balcony, or even indoors. And unlike school, even if your experiments do go wrong, your garden will still look gorgeous!||Material: Super-sturdy Aluminium|Size: 12 inchesx3 inchesdia|
Horn ok please.||Goods carrier for room only. Chaddi, baniyan, pant, shirt aur unke bahut saarey saathi.||Material: Wood||Size: 18'' x 9''|
Never be without your Sudoku!||The worlds first Sudoku Toilet Roll Paper is now available for toilets in homes and offices!||We all know that having a sit down can be a time consuming and boring process. Some people read, others sing. Why not play Sudoku with your loo paper? Sudoku toilet paper is kind to your rear and at a rock bottom price!||Pull down the roll and start filling in the sudoku puzzles. Easy to play, just complete the grid so each row, each column and each 3 by 3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9.||The perfect gift for the person who has everything!||The package includes one roll. (Approximately 240 sheets per roll.)|
A fun, contemporary multi functional storage solution for table tops which can also be used independently as a tray and open storage container. A place for everything, and everything in it's place !||Dimensions: H: 6 inches x L: 9 inches x W: 7 inches|Material: Wooden lid and metal basket||Wipe with dry cloth.||ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE PURCHASE IN MUMBAI.|
The Warrior Toothpaste Dispenser includes 3 functions in 1 i.e. automatic toothpaste dispenser squeezer, gargle cup and toothbrush holder. With a hook it can be stuck on the wall saving space. Based on the depth of the toothbrush propulsion, you can adjust the amount of toothpaste easily. With it you could totally squeeze the toothpaste. Gargle cup with its inverted design prevents dust and water.||- The Warrior Toothpaste Dispenser includes Automatic toothpaste dispenser squeezer, gargle cup and toothbrush holder|- Working by vacuum extrusion it can be stuck on the wall|- Gargle cup prevents dust and water|- Package contains 1 wash set, 2 Hooks and 1 Assisted Membrane|
A fun, contemporary multi functional storage solution which serves as a table top, and separates into an independent tray and open basket. Great for storing art & craft, kitchen accessories, and any bits and bobs !||Dimensions: H: 8 inches x W: 10 inches|Material: Wooden lid and metal basket||Wipe with dry cloth.||ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE PURCHASE IN MUMBAI.|
Hook, hang, peg, store, hold, secure. This awesome all-in-one wall organiser is all you need for everything you need. Use in work spaces, kids rooms, kitchens, passage ways, or home gardens.||Includes 4 x S hooks, 4 x large Mighty Magnets, 4 x mounting bolts hardware||Size:|Large - H: 24 inches x W: 20 inches|Small - H: 12 inches x W: 20 inches||Material: Metal|
Saving the world one drink at a time! Set of 6 power packed coasters.|
The Nessie Ladle has the body shape of the mysterious Loch Ness monster but this guys got stubby little legs so that it can stand on its own.||Easy and pretty looking, it will help you pour our your stew or soup without dripping!||Material: Food safe plastic||
Have you ever questioned yourself to How Worthy are your Words? Add this wonderfully aesthetic and completely flexible book end to your bookshelves whilst you take stock of the question. Available in White and Black.||Material: Iron||Dimensions: 8.25 inches x 7.5 inches x 4 inches|
Aur duniya bole Happy Birthday to you||Birthday without beer is like birthday without cake, cause Beer is the new cake.||Material: Glass|Set of 2|
Serving device for shot glasses.|Shot glasses can't be served in trays, they are served in this specially created serving devices. We are calling these the shot glass crate (very impressive, very original we know). The crate has been tested on all happily unmarried shot glasses and works like a charm.||Please note that shot glasses seen in the pictures do not come with the crate.||Material: MDF|Size:7.5x5x2.5 inches|
Now make your bottles look better than you.||Material: Metal||Size: 3 inchesx3.4 inchesx4.5 inches|
Matchbox Clock||Dimensions: 8 inchesx8||Material: Acrylic|
Cakes are so last century.||Size: 2.5 inches x 2 inches||Material: Glass||Set of 2|
Dress up your jars, gifts, books or anything else, with these vintage inspired hand-drawn label stickers! Full of old-world charm, they are perfect to write a message or description.||They come in 12 different quaint hand-drawn designs, with 24 stickers in each set.|Each label is an oval shape of dimensions 2.7 inches by 3.35 inches (6.8 cm by 8.5 cm).|